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I know this is an old thread. However, in case anyone else stumbles onto, it here is an answer...

Here is a video tutorial from Indie-Pixel that shows you how to export multiple objects in a single FBX file:

Basically, the separate objects are combined into a subnet.  Then you FBX export the subnet.

Is there any guidance on how to bake UDIM color ID maps using the new UDIM approach in Substance Painter 2020?  In particular, I would like to bake one color id map per UDIM tile, (not per material).

Thank you. It would be much appreciated 😊

I agree with @attben.  It is not clear to me why the developers thought this was a good approach to project management.  I have never used an application in the 3d world that does this.  Are there any plans to provide for better management of projects (i.e., rename, delete, move, etc.)?

I am an Alchemist newbie.  I was playing around and created a new project named Tester.  I am now done playing around and would like to get rid of Tester, or at least rename it.  How do I do this?

I am using version 2019.1.4 on Mac OS Catalina.

I have made 44 consecutive payments totaling $875 and have never cashed in for perpetual.  What happens to the racked up amounts if they are not cashed in before the Adobe conversion?  I am assuming the answer is they go *poof*.  If so, when would you recommend I cash in for perpetual?  I would hate to cash in too early and miss out on a newer perpetual version.

Also, am I able to gift perpetual licenses (e.g., cash in for a couple of perpetuals and gift them)?  I know it is an odd question.  But, it is a first time situation :)

Hi Jeremie,

I thought that might be the case.

A curvature map shows white in the convex regions (i.e., edges), black in the concave regions and neutral gray in neutral regions.  The convexity map only shows white in the convex regions and black everywhere else.

In Mari, blurring the curvature map does the same thing Painter does, namely shows the seams.  However, blurring the convexity map does not show seams. I thought that using a convexity map in Painter, instead of a curvature map would resolve the seam issue.

I guess, I will just give it a try and see what happens.  I imagine it may be problematic though, as materials/smart materials would expect a curvature map with black, white and gray.

When I increase the blur setting of a curvature map, the seams start to show.  Is there a way to prevent this?

Additionally, is it possible to use a convexity map instead of the curvature map?


I bake ambient occlusion, curvature and material id maps in Modo.  The output maps are linear (i.e., gamma 1.0).  When I import the maps into Painter for use in the appropriate map slots, they are very dark.  I am assuming this is because Painter is expecting the input maps to be in gamma 2.2 and is adjusting to gamma 1.0.  Is this true?

Jethro Au O,

While Substance Painter allows for a UDIM layout of your UVs, it does not allow painting across UDIMs.  This is relevant when trying to achieve "film" quality resolutions.  As an example, assume you have a basic hero character and that your camera will get close to the character's face, such that the eyes and nose will fill the screen.  Using a 2K pixel film screen width, the width of the character's face UVs would need to roughly span the full width of a UV tile for a 2K texture.  If the characters full body is to be UV'd at the same resolution, this would require that the body span many UDIMs.  If you needed an even higher resolution, or texel density, than the character would need to span even more UDIMs (effectively scaling up the UV's).  While Substance Painter would accept the several UDIMs of this scenario, it would not allow you to paint across them.  You would have to paint each individual UDIM of the body separately.  Imagine trying to paint details on the character's head or chest when it spans 4+ UDIMs and you have to paint each one separately.  Matching details across UDIM seams would be very tedious.  This is simply not feasible.

Until Substance Painter allows for painting across UDIMs, your UDIMs will need to represent discrete paintable units of your models (e.g., each object on its own UDIM tile, each material on its own UDIM tile, each unique part of your model on its own UDIM tile, etc.).  In this scenario, Substance Painter can be quite beneficial.


You're awesome!  Thank you :)

Hi Wes,

Thank you. In your example, it would appear that you have a color image that is split into the different maps, including bump (by enabling it). However, I only have a normal map and want to convert that to a bump map. How would I do that?


For access to B2M 2, please contact us at


I have been a subscriber for more than 32 months.  I started with Substance Live which then morphed into Substance Indie.  I did as you stated and contacted Allegorithmic to gain access to B2M version 2.  They responded by telling me that, as a Substance Indie subscriber, I am not entitled to any previous versions of B2M.  This seems to contradict the evidence provided in this thread.

B2M version 2 allowed for the conversion of a normal map to a bump map.  This functionality was removed (or appears to have been removed) in B2M version 3.  I need this functionality.  If it is true that I cannot access B2M version 2, then can someone please provide me instructions on how to convert a normal map to a bump map in B2M version 3?  When providing instructions, please assume that I am a complete newbie in B2M.  Such an assumption would be very true :)

SubstanceSubstance - Purchases & Licenses - Days Remaining Disparity
 on: January 24, 2018, 09:10:15 pm 

I pay monthly for the Substance Live Indie subscription.  I have been doing so for 32+ months. My last payment was on January 19, 2018.  When I launch Substance Designer 2017.2.3, it tells me I have 6 days left on my license.  When I launch Substance Painter 2017.4.2, it tells me I have 37 days left on my license.

What does this mean?  Why is there a disparity between the applications and from the days left until my next monthly payment? I am confused.

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