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right, had a feeling that's what the answer would be.  I do like the 'for the moment' note, there.  Hopefully this will be something in the future as I'm sure it will be really helpful.

So I've got a project I'm working on in painter. This is going to be my first only-painter project, and I'm a little confused.  I've used the first layer to paint height to create my normals.  Then I put a fill layer above, which seems ok until I start trying to apply filters such as edge select.

The edge select does not seem to factor in any of the height mapping created on the layer below.  So my intended effect to darken up the 'depths' does not work as it only bases itself on the original curvature map.

How do I set it so that edge detect and so-forth are affected by the layers below?

We saw this too when testing out textures and substances in UE4.  But one thing we noted is that upon packaging, the file sizes actually become quite small.

Thanks again, Fabian :)  Could be that by the look of your filter.  Will give it a go later and see how it works~ at the moment I am just photoshopping to combine my normals.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - Normal Maps - Lines?
 on: October 03, 2015, 05:30:19 pm 
Not really sure how else to title this, but one thing I've noticed when exporting my maps from Painter is that it also produces all these odd lines around the details that I make~  Please see the snapshot for an example.

What is causing this and is there any way to stop it?  Thanks!

Ah, right!  I've been trying to use a height output when it's a height map being blended in with the normal.  That vid is brilliant, ty Vincent.  Wish me luck tonight when I have a play with it. :)

Substance Integrations - UE4 - Re: Roughness issue in UE4
 on: September 21, 2015, 02:10:28 am 
I am actually having the same issue.  I've got a completely procedural substance that I have made.  Looks great in Substance but in UE4... like... ehhhh....

I read the suggestion on disabling the sRGB but that did not seem to do anything for me and the appearance in-level did not change at all.

Am working with imported substance with instances as created by the plugin upon import.

Hi Nicolas and thanks for the response.  I'm not very experienced with the height channel and I'm really not sure if I've done this right as I'm not seeing any distortion in the 'water' reflections still. 

Would someone be able to take a look and see if I'm doing it right?  Height channel is really not something I've ever messed with before.

Content - Substance Share - Re: License clarification.
 on: September 19, 2015, 03:35:58 pm 
So in short, if I make use of a substance or filter for substances I use in a game that I make, I have to add the creator's username in my game credits to make it legal?

Hi gang,

Am still fiddling around making stuff (hopefully I can make something good enough to put up on Share!) and today's goal was a wet rock floor material with cracks.  Quite happy with my progress, but what I need to do to perfect it is to add a little distortion to the reflections in the water.

Can anyone give me some advice?  Intend to use in UE4.

Current Progress:

Content - Substance Share - Re: Problems downloading?
 on: September 17, 2015, 02:40:44 pm 
And just to feel like a fool~ Not sure what it was, but after a PC reset, it failed again. Reset again and then it seems to all work fine.  The second reset took a LONG time, though, so I am wondering if it was a Win10 issue, maybe updates or something?

Content - Substance Share - Re: Problems downloading?
 on: September 17, 2015, 02:25:54 pm 
For an update, I do not know if this is an issue on my end or server.  Chrome will not download the files.  Edge managed to download one and then the others seem to all cause Edge to stop responding.  Kind of lost here as to what might be going wrong.

Content - Substance Share - [SOLVED] Problems downloading?
 on: September 17, 2015, 02:14:45 pm 
I seem to have problems downloading files from Share.

Currently I have one file saying 'failed - network error'
Another stuck on '5.4/5.4KB, 0 sec left'
.... and the third hasn't even started the download yet.

Is anyone else having such a problem?

Some more of my efforts. I feel I am not quite up there with some of you other guys but am starting to understand bits and pieces.  Still no able to make a rubber substance that I like yet, but I'm also playing with other things to get the hang of various nodes and tutorials.

1. Sci-fi material for use with armour etc.

2.  Cracked stone with glow between
Playing with display settings::

Thanks again, Fabian :)

I am aware of the differences between the two engines - while I am using UE4 for my personal projects, I am also doing a diploma course on game design at the moment which is still using UDK for now until they have their materials re-written for UE4. Just wasn't sure which shader setup would be the correct option for UDK as there are several I do not know included.

PS.  And still not getting anywhere on my rubber :(  made some interesting stuff but still not 'rubber'.

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