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Good news on the updated information. Especially as I am about to buy the 1080. I can only hope it is out before Christmas but I know it isn't downto you guys all the best,

we are now in October and passed version 8 of CUDA and this is still an issue.
Finding it hard to believe anyone is really looking at this anymore seems that once again one company is using the other as an excuse.
Blender has alway managed to get CUDA working and they are free this is really disappointing guys.
Come give it a little priority we have been amazingly patient through this.

Any news on this, is it fixed in the upcoming 2.1.1 update I wonder?

Thank you :)
I can confirm that all models that crashed out in 2.1 are rendering as expected in 2.05 Windows.
Good luck find the cause

I have gone through 10 of my last models over half of them are either locking the program and windows with CPU only and CPU and GPU render with iRay. Some of the models are rendering fine others are not. All were working perfectly in the last release. There is definitely something wrong with Memory here, I up the TDR to avoid instant crashes but all that does is freeze my UI. I don't think this is Graphics driver related but some memory leak?

Now I have to reinstall the last version. :(

I can't open the iRay view in Painter I am assuming it is related to the Nvidia driver warning mention in the forum here
Can anyone confirm latest Nvidia Gforce 368.22 is working or not.
Crash report sent.
Cheers guys.

I see this often and understand what it is telling me, what I don't know is how you actually fix it. Update scene materials how. The only way i can think of is to add it back as a texture in the mesh but that makes no sense.

[Paint editor] The document contains data for a material that is not present in the loaded scene. This material name is [Glass].  You should update your scene materials names to be able to see and edit those data.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: 3d Mouse
 on: March 18, 2016, 05:29:22 pm 
3dconnexion support is mentioned in the notes somewhere but it doesn't work well if at all. I would wait and see how this pans out at the moment it does little more than jerky zooms.

Well it looks like the concerns about the price are being listened too.

The upgrade price has been reduced to $75 from $99 ie half the full price.

How many companies are that quick to respond and that reasonable.

By the way you will get a refund apparently. :)

My feeling is the upgrade price was a little higher than I had expected, before I knew iRay was going to be bundled. With iRay included it is a very fair price in my opinion and I am not wealthy either but I do place value on good tools and their continuing development.

The idea that you buy one version and get upgrades for life for free or really cheap is nice but not a business model that is sustainable. Allegorithmic are growing and need to grow their staff and facilities it all costs money. If we want new features in the future we have to pay now.

I have been with Painter since the start and this is the first paid update in a long line of amazing features, sure it sucks if you bought earlier this year but it happens with phones too do you think Samsung should give you the new model at a discount too :)

Would I have liked to pay less sure especially on my limited budget, do I think it fair I do!

PS I am not sponsored by Allegorithmic and complain enough when it is required.

Yes every time: in normal mode ie 3D editing painting mode click on iRay pause render button and it crashes the program. I realise it wasn't designed to be used outside of iRay but until I figured out iRay had its own F4 mode I clicked it to see if it started rendering, each time a crash.

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