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I had the same issue and found out, that there have been more than only one UV channel.
Check the UV channels and the naming.

I was working yesterday with UE 4.26.2 and current Substance Painter.
The exchange worked, but it is not supporting UDIM.
I have exported an FBX with the plugin, that had 3 UDIM tiles, they were visible in Substance, but the project was not set on "UDIM" workflow and this can't be changed.
(and yes, "Virtual texture" is activated in UE)
Please let me know, if there is a fix or if I am overseeing something.

each time I am opening Substance, I get the following message in the LOG:
"[Shortcut settings] Conflicts have been detected in your shortcut settings. Please consult your settings to solve the issue."
Then I'm going to the shortcuts and everything looks fine.
So what is this message about?
I have no issues, but the red warning is disturbing. Also, there's no hint, which shortcuts are meant.

Thanks for help!

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