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I've created a package that's working fine in Designer.  When I attempt to publish to an sbar, I get a long list of errors, none of which make any sense to me.

Unfortunately, the list of errors is so long that they exceed the capacity of the error-reporting window, extending off both the top and bottom of the screen.  Because the error reporting window contains no scroll bar, it's impossible to see all the errors.  Or to see the top of the window in order to determine the initial error message.  Or to access the button to close the error window.

See attached for a screen capture of what I'm seeing.

Error-reporting errors aside, what's going on here?  Because none of the sub-graphs are named (they're only referred to by an empty set of quotes), I can't figure out which graph each error is in.  More confusingly, some of the parameters referenced in the errors no long exist in any of my graphs within Designer.  Strangely, searching the xml inside the sbs files reveals references to these parameters (even though they don't appear when looking at the graphs inside Designer).

When generating file nodes from a substance (SBSfileBT2.mel), the resulting images are being flipped horizontally and vertically (in otherwords, rotated 180 degrees).

Substance Integrations - Autodesk Maya - Maya and Vray
 on: March 05, 2013, 04:20:19 am 
Is it possible to use Vray and Substance Designer in a similar way that the Substance Bonus Tools for Maya allow you to use Mental Ray? 

In other words, can we set up a Vray shading network that uses a Substance to control the diffuse, specular, and normal maps, and that allows you to tweak the Substance parameters inside Maya in real-time just like you can do for the Maya Software Renderer?

I'm not talking about baking maps and then importing these into Maya for use with Vray, btw.


First off, thank you for making such an amazing product.  I love it so far.

Can you explain how to get textures larger than 2048x2048 using the built-in Substance material in Maya 2012+?  When I publish my substance from Designer as an sbar and open it in Maya, I seem to be limited to a maximum texture size of 2k.  (See attached image.)


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