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I've asked the same question over at the UE4 community.

See attached image. 2D light streaks made with Substance Designer.
When the glow is added artefacts appear in UE4.9 making the streaks look like space debris entering Earths atmosphere..
How to rid the artefacts?

Thank you

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Discussions - OS X Metal
 on: June 15, 2015, 05:21:16 pm 
Hello Dev's,

I understand Apple's implementation of Open GL sucks, to say the least.

The news must have reached you that Apple's Metal is coming to OS X.
Performance increases are huge. I read the api is easier too?
Will Allegorithmic implement Metal? This would sweet and perhaps have
SD run like it does on Windows.



Thanks guys, your latest update fixed exporting to 4K!

And also has SD became faster at loading my projects.
Feels more responsive and the 3D viewport render looks nicer too  ;D


// UPDATE Part Duex:

Nope I was wrong. It published @ 2K.
When publishing SD does not respect project graph resolution settings.

For 4K the engine must be set to OpenGL, which is problematic at best.
First time loading of a project made with 4.4.x in 4.5.x works, nice and a bit smoother yes.
Then switching engine to OpenGL is when SD starts fucking up again. Restarting the system
is no use. Opening an autosave (4.4.x) in 4.5.x works nice and a bit smoother yes.
Then switching engine to OpenGL is when SD starts fucking up again.

After taking it's sweet time to load graphs, if at all, the 3d model does not display.
So I load the 3d model. But then the graphs do not load nor display on the 3d model.
Sometimes after two cups of coffee one of 20 graphs load.
So I switch back to CPU right? NO! it won't let me, or wait literally 15 minutes and the dialog appears.
Id SD dpoes not crash by itself I kill it. Restart with no projects and yes, then, it lets me switch engines.

Wauw, after going back and forth between SD and here 30 minutes have passed. It loaded more graphs!
Yeah 5 of the 20 or so, and not even all channels.


Running 2013 iMac i7, with 24GB Ram. nVidia 680 2GB Vram.
Upgraded to 24GB of ram.

Under the following circumstance 4K publishing is achievable.

- linked images must be jpeg's
- image compression set at jpg
- no nodes or fancy graphs.
- use final maps for a new substance

My current project does not export to 4K EVEN with all linked images converted to Jpeg, and compression set to Jpeg.
I export all final generated maps, save or convert to jpeg.

Start a new substance project and link the aforementioned files with compression set to jpeg and hook them to the final outputs.
Just one graph with no nodes nothing per mesh.
Now publishing works.

But what the use if no exposed functions are available?

I hope I just got carried away too much and my approach is the problem.
I'd like to share my project files with you Wes, perhaps you can give me some advice?



Outputting 2k with jpg compression set for al linked bitmaps, SD still failed to export.
Note: no parameters have been exposed.

Since no parameters have been exposed, why is SD still running through all the nodes?
The maps are right there in 2D view. Are the all the nodes part of the .sbsar? Even if none are exposed?

So I figure lets cut out all nodes just use the end results outputs for a new substance.. Start a new substance scene,
and only use  the previously saved images linked directly to the output nodes...
Then publish. It works. At 2k jpg compression...... . . ..

So does publishing a sbs to sbsar include al the nodes? Even if not exposed? Hope not.

Why is 4k even at JPG compression for input maps such an issue on Mac.
Why not include the batch tool with all packages?
Problem solved and one less finger pointing.


I got 8Gb of ram.. for the rest this 27" iMac is maxed out as I could get last year.. is being brought to a slow crawl running Designer 4.5.
Every update is running worse on Mac. Of course this is all due to Apple's faulty drivers..

- 4.5 loads veeery slow.
- If it not crashes shortly after loading a substance scene, my latest models colors are way cost me lots of time getting the nuances right.. then it crashes anyway
- Windows like stuttering / hanging of the whole system. The good old days.
- Haven't saved in 4.5, yet rolling back to 4.4.1. gives an error that the file version is older... and wil not open..

So now I'm left with nothing to work on. Both versions will not work with my scene, how rich.


Don't know if it is possible to open two or models in 3d view?
They are separate but part of one scene.

If not I'll post a feature request.


Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Showcase - Titan WIP
 on: August 21, 2014, 09:46:34 pm 
Hi, this model was to be submitted for the Battle of the Titans, but couldn't finish it on time.
Any ways the model is not complete, there two more meshes part of the piece.

Texturing setup is almost done, then some finer detailing is done.


I tried loading several meshes, the latest a simple 1.2Mb mesh and it still crashes. With and without maps, low or high resolution - Painter always crashes.

So I always move on not using painter... I really want to though.

Also I think Painter and SD should be one symbiotic app.




Looked around the forums but nothing worked
for being able to make a new 4k graph.
Changing the engine from Open GL to SSE and back,
checking settings and restarting nothing worked.

Now every substance and graph loads @ 2K.

What to do?

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Showcase - My First Material : Rust
 on: April 21, 2014, 10:58:29 am 
Hi Ya'll,

I'm really impressed with Allegorithmic's SD.
What should have been a simple rust pattern part of a SD Pod tutorial,
quickly became a whole matter on itself.

SD lets you reiterate so quickly and easily focussing on the desired results instead of the process. This makes it more fun. And extremely powerful. I'm preaching to the choir I know :)

The model is from the Pod tutorial. And I tend to fully texture it using just snippets of my rust material.

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Technical Support - SVG Baked Map Empty
 on: September 18, 2013, 10:33:31 am 
Hi all,

Would love to buy to buy all Allegorithmics products,
but I'm stuck at square one.

- I linked a 3D model
- Assigned the substance id to it
- 3D shows the different textures
- Choose bake model information
- Convert UV to SVG
- Color Mode Material ID Colors
- File Format SVG
- All settings correct
- Ok (bake)

Voila an empty SVG map.
Transparent nothing to see map in it.

Drag it onto stage with other nodes,
still nothing.

I followed the steps from the SCAR tut my Wes McDermott.
I used supplied models etc.

Deleted the tut files. Re downloaded them.
Started over. Still nothing.  :P

Help me please.


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