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Thanks for the detailed reply. It will take me a little while to go through this in the next day or so. However, just quickly, you made reference to the mesh normals. If I view that fbx, it looks perfectly smooth.

I checked the file. I can't seem to reproduce this issue. Can you take a look at the sbs I used?

I used your project. I get the same issue. Perhaps this is a rendering / mac os x issue? Are you viewing the basketball from below?

Project attached. View the normal map on the basketball asset to see the issue. Thanks for taking a look!

are you sure you are using the correct Normal Map format (DirectX, OpenGL) in the Height-Normal Blender node?
What happens if you create a normal map from the Bump map (feed it into the Normal node) and combine those two normal maps with a normal combine?

Either DirectX or openGL (while modifying the resulting image), do not fix the original problem in the screen shot.

I went ahead and did as you suggest. It makes no difference to the final output.

maybe this is an issue with the smoothing groups of the mesh?

Ball has one smoothing group, viewing the normals inside Substance Designer - it looks perfectly smooth.


I have this problem with a basketball I've been working on. Can't quite figure out what the issue is. The ball itself doesn't have the dots on it - those are applied by a bump map. So the baked normal map just has the lines. In substance designer I've been using the height normal blender to combine the "dot" bump map with the normal map. This generally works but in some cases it reveals the underlying mesh topology. I'm beginning to suspect that either I can't use the height normal blender for this case or I'm using it incorrectly.

Has anyone seen this type of problem before? What is the solution?

I've attached an image with just the normal map (looks correct) and with normal + bump that shows the issue.


Found it in the new monthly drop forum.

How do you download the monthly drop? Downloads / Live sections don't contain any links...

Hey idunlop,

is your problem the same as described by pradauxan?
This is the topic:

Best regards

Yes. Same problem. However, it's been resolved. When the new site came up earlier today I had a license file and download link for 5.0. Thanks.

Hi, just purchased Substance Designer. Unfortunately, under my account there isn't a license file. Also, I can't use the trial version because apparently it has already expired.

There is a node called "Height Normal Blender" that should do what you're asking for.


Is it possible to combine a bump map with a normal map and output a new normal map using Substance Designer?


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