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Then I created the transition from a leaf to an oil barrel in a similar way :

If I had the time, I`ve would have made more transition states of the leaves.

Thank you for reading the posts!

Hi everyone! In case anybody wonders here is how I did the leaves.
Fist I begin with the very powerful Substance Painter sample scene - Tile material ! Here I painted various leaves one by one, and created materials out of them :

I like the vibrant colors ! It`s trippy and cool.

I like art with a message behind it! Very nice. And also very sad for these extinct yet beautiful creatures. If you wish you can check my entry, because it has similar meaning, according to pollution of this beautiful world.

Love it! Very nice design.

Thank you very much!

Hello great artists! I have managed to finish and submit my entry in time (phew). My initial idea was to try and tell a story on my car and give it emotional meaning. Then I tried to transform that story into painting. I tried to incorporate different paint styles beginning with oil painting. This is my final entry I hope you like it!

Thank you for viewing my post!

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