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Hi guys.

I tried to import my model from a server path or network path but I got an import error on my log.

Network path import is not supported. Just asking?

cheers. !

Hi guys.

I being trying to just isolate one layer on my Layers stack, but is not possible. This would be a nice little addition to the already amazing Painter environment.  Like in Photoshop. Shift + Alt isolate the selected layer.


SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Invitation, share, etc
 on: February 23, 2017, 01:20:13 pm 
Hi there.

I'm working remotely with another artist. And I need him to use painter. It's possible to get a temporary seat for him ? Using my account ?

Sincerely,  8)


Hi guys.

Strange thing happening. I'm not getting my secular texture when I export and my diffuse is being saved as a Specular.

I being using several presets.

Any ideas. ?

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - New Shelf on Painter
 on: November 18, 2016, 02:58:16 am 
Hi there.

Just wanted to say that the new shelf style on Painter is really cool ! Thanks for the improvement !

Cheers !

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Convert Layer to Mask
 on: November 17, 2016, 01:11:41 am 
Hi there !

It's possible to convert a painted layer into mask ?.

I create some decals, and I want to mask them to control just the painted information.

You guys rock !  8)

Cheers !

Hi there.

How I can create a mask using the same normal texture resource ?.

Please check the pic.

Thanks in advance. You guys rock !

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Accumulated payments
 on: September 24, 2016, 05:20:45 pm 
Hi there.

I'm confuse.

I can't use the software now and I can just download version 1 of painter. What happens ? Do I need to pay extra for version 2 ?

I have an Indie monthly payment. I use some of my accumulated payments to download a definitive license but it just for painter version 1.

Some guidance please.  :-\

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Autosave
 on: August 29, 2016, 06:38:00 pm 
Hi there.

Just crash !! Wasted a few hrs. Still no autosave on Painter ? Or is there a hiding folder or something ?


Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Flip projection
 on: August 27, 2016, 01:16:10 pm 
Hi there.

Is there a way to flip/mirror your projection image. You can rotate, scale, etc, but no flip ? Is this possible ?

Thanks !

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Height Control
 on: August 19, 2016, 11:26:59 pm 
Hi guys.

How I can delete a on a fill layer height information with out adding more height information ?

I'm using a with or black mask, when I paint to delete the height, I add more height to my object.

Any recommendations ?


Hi amazing creative people. Here is my first post to showcase what I being doing with Subtance. We are a small CG studio located in Osaka/Japan and we are doing several CG projects. This one is a shortfilm call The subjectivity problem. Check out one of our last finish shots, all the textures are being created on Subtance Painter.

Most post soon. !

Keep on the sunny side !  ;)

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Deform Normals
 on: March 21, 2016, 11:19:11 am 
Hi guys.

I have a deform normal result on my mesh. The UV do not look deformed to me, any ideas how to fix this ?

Thanks in advance.

Cheers !

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Showcase - iray is the sh.....!
 on: March 18, 2016, 01:04:15 pm 
Looking good ! Great feature. I was looking forward for it !

Hi guys.

I have a Indie subscription monthly payments on the suite since last year, but there is no upgrade info for Painter 2 on my account. How I use what I already pay for the suit to get Painter 2 ?


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