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It's a nice wake-up call to the inherent problems of relying too heavily one a single tool. I vow to become more flexible in every stage of my workflows, so that I can adapt easily in all my future endeavors.

From this day forward until I bite the dust, I also vow to never, ever use sub-only software. There are enough alternatives at this point that I can choose to do this and not suffer too much. It may also broaden my scope of what is possible in the long run. And also, it may end up being a lot more fun!

My last post!! I'll miss this place! I'll miss you guys!

Mic drop, out.

Is it me, or have quite a lot of comments gone awol?

It may be damage control. On every single forum I've been on (polycount, youtube, reddit, even Sebastian's "Peter Jackson moment" on there are a whole lot of comments by confused and angry people. It's quite possible Substance will lose most of its user-base and all of its rep.

I'm just speculating though. I saw one of my comments deleted and I have to agree, maybe it was a bit lewd for this thread.

I do not know, I enjoyed a lot of your comments.
   It is wrong for Jeremie to stifle your creativity. This is a forum for artist after all and some of your posting were masterpieces

aw, thank you! ^_^ Overall this entire development has been interesting. I am genuinely sad and frustrated that Adobe will be CC-ing Substance and it's hard to just let go. I'll miss this place.

Is it me, or have quite a lot of comments gone awol?

It may be damage control. On every single forum I've been on (polycount, youtube, reddit, even Sebastian's "Peter Jackson moment" on there are a whole lot of comments by confused and angry people. It's quite possible Substance will lose most of its user-base and all of its rep.

I'm just speculating though. I saw one of my comments deleted and I have to agree, maybe it was a bit lewd for this thread.

ROFL yea maybe I've got it wrong. Maybe they're going dumb down the software.

That video looks like it was made by someone who has no idea what a .fbx is.

I personally am hoping for Blender to step up. Overall, 3D art is becoming a lot more recreational. It's easier nowadays, and it's more fun and accessible. There has to be tools for the passionate indie guy.

I speculate that the Allegordobe team is aiming higher up the food chain. (It is my assumption)They're wanting to shake off the little guys and become a premium sub-only solution to the AAA industry, and possibly for films. Indie teams and the newer generation of artists aren't going to have that option unless they can comfortably afford it.

The majority of 3D artists on the earth will be common people who are artistically inclined, who do it for fun and love doing it without money as a factor. For those people, whom Allegordobe is (my opinion) going to graciously shake off like annoying fleas, there needs to be a fun software alternative that still gives competent high-end results.

I'm hoping that ends up being Blender. It's the one truly awesome tool for the passionate indie guy, and it does its job well.

What is sad is this can go over 100 pages of mostly negativity feedback and it won’t do a damn thing. They are probably not listening anymore. I mean they knew this was going to happen, right. They have been trained by Adobe who has been getting negative feedback for years since starting subscription only. I bet its Adobe who prepared them for this.

Even if the community started to boycott, it won’t matter. The community is comprised of just insignificant little ants that can’t do anything but to find alternatives, isn’t that right Adobe (formerly known as Allegorithmic). Maybe if the community boycott the gaming companies who use substance because that’s what Adobe (formerly known as Allegorithmic) cater to now. Like Jerc said the gaming companies are happy with this change.

Just face the facts Substance will be part of CC (which they say will be a good thing in the long run, for Adobe that is.)

So, community wait for that great announcement of “Substance is now part of CC! All you have to do is pay for the rest of your lives!”

Rest assured, this adobe-Allegorithmic business has stepped on enough toes that I wouldn't be surprised to see multiple competitors rising from the ashes in short order. Wait and see.

Someone's going to steal the limelight.

When Substance finally gets UDIMs, Adobe will say "hold on with that update, let's save it for CC subscribers only".

Arrr matey, those be pirate-infested waters....

I would recommend saving installation versions (and licenses) of your Suite on a cloud, so that you don't need to visit the website to reinstall at any time (or on new computers).

This way you can also potentially downgrade if Adobe sneaks something into a future install. It could even be a subtle re-wording of the agreement you have to look at before each reinstallation, which may trick you into something you don't actually want.

I think we can all relax quite a bit, honestly. Think about this:

The Substance software as it stands is already capable of fantastic texture jobs, even if you didn't update it anymore.

You could probably subsist on your perpetual license for another 10 years and avoid the cloud entirely, until a proper competitor reveals itself.

Even if Adobe publishes flashy new tools, I don't think it would impact your ability to make awesome textures without them, using the current tools.


To all,

We already said this: nothing is happening to your licenses. We are not going to lock them, cancel them or whatever. We never did this and this is not going to happen.
We may make changes in the future, as we did in the past, and we will so as we always did, by letting you know about it and being fair.


The issue is that we will be owning dead-end software. In the next 5-10 years, Substance will be sub-only and anyone with a perpetual license will have sorely out-dated software. We won't be able to update our perpetual licenses.

Artists are arrogant and love to show off their skills. That's when they are happiest. They especially love to own their tools, and their creations. They want to be able to use their toolset in the apocalypse, or on a mountain. Because it's theirs, owned and earned. It's covetous, and petty, and also true for most artists.

This is my garage, these are my tools, and this is my car that I'm building from scratch.

I also despise the subscription model for software.

Cheers and best wishes!

I would very much be interested in a new forum for texture artists to discuss their methods. I don't want to waste any more time crying about this. Can someone recommend (or start) a thread for alternative workflows?


--"Allegorithmic tools are already offered as a subscription service to individuals and enterprise customers, and in the future Adobe will focus on expanding the availability of Allegorithmic tools via subscription. Later this year, Adobe will announce an update on new offerings that will bring the full power of Allegorithmic technology and Adobe Creative Cloud together."--

Time to swallow that enormous Truth Pill and stop hoping.

the replies from staff here are making things even worse. the announcement that linked to this thread promised our questions would be answered and instead we're getting sassed in a frankly immature way for our justified reactions while being given zero real details.

I especially hate the tone that implies we're big meanies for not being genuinely happy that some suits we don't know are moving up in their careers. we are customers and you are a business. we've put a lot of money and faith into you and we're telling you that you betrayed that trust. nobody cares if you like adobe and the way they treat their products because we don't. the burden is on you to convince us to stick with you. we already paid for our products and owe you exactly nothing. you know full well that there's no promise you can make that adobe couldn't pull the rug out from under so please don't insult our intelligence by asking us to have faith that the giant corporation will suddenly act differently than they always have.


They call the language, "Corporate Speak".

If you've ever worked a retail job, you know all about it. Act super optimistic and deliver lines with a big smile, even between your fellow co-workers and pretending you are all for the greatest company that ever existed.

You see those same fake smiles on every product from cereal boxes to pots & pans. It's like looking at a bunch of sociopathic clowns.

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