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With the javascript api, we were able to get a list of layers in a stack, and export individual layers via '' commands.

With the python api, I'm having trouble seeing a way to be able to do this. We cannot do for example:

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stack = substance_painter.textureset.get_active_stack()
layers = stack.layers

Any help would be very appreciated,

Hi - I'd like to do something like this:

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for texture_set in substance_painter.textureset.all_texture_sets():
    if texture_set.is_visible:
        # do something

Is there any way to find out currently if a particular texture set is visible or not?


Hi. One of our artists is using a position map in Painter in order to generate a gradient to be used in the diffuse. Problem is that the baking of the position map results in subtle banding, which shows up also in the gradient.

Do we have some bad settings set here (baking in 8bit, rather than 16bit or something), or is this a known issue that requires looking at?

Right now, our solution is to do the gradient in Mari and then re-import back into Painter.


Hi.  Just wanting to put in a request for exporting textures from Painter at 16bit in exr format. Currently we are only able to export @ 32bits(?).

16bit exr is a standard image format in VFX work. Right now we'll need to convert 32bit textures to 16bit as a second step during export.

As part of this request I'd also like to mention support for various exr compression types. Eg.Mari supports exr compression with these options via scripting:

Zip (1 scanline)
Zip (16 scanlines)
PIZ Wavelet (32 scalines)

(our preference is to export with Zip (16 scanlines) compression.

Thanks for listening and best regards,
Stu Tozer

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