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Hi, I'm reviving this topic after 4 years as I couldn't find a proper solution to the same problem.
I don't own Substance Designer, what do you suggest in that case? I would like to display preview of my .sbsar files library.

Hi, is it possible to change all textures inside a smart material to triplanar?
Often times I end up digging inside the material folder/group to find all textures and changing them to triplanar one by one which is tiresome.

Allright, I got it now, thank you for the explanation. It's sad that I'll need to unwrap everything in its own space as I'll lose so much texture resolution but seems like that's the only option (I believe painting AO would be hard and troublesome in this case as well).

Sorry, I forgot to make the link public. You can access it now.

I can't share the above file but here is a similar test case that have the same issue:

In my other models, I started to have artifacts, so I tried offsetting my UV islands by 1 unit as suggested (kept only one in 0-1 space) but it didn't fix the issue. Ambient occlusion, curvature and thickness mesh maps seem to be having these artifacts. Is there any good tutorial that covers this topic?

I would like to see EXR compression and 16bit options as well. EXR with lossless compression is way better and smaller than other file formats. It's even faster to write to disk! Check this out:

Also someone created a feedback/idea that you can vote:

I've basically 1 low poly column and 1 high poly version of it. I'm copying both of them to various places. And actually Painter bakes everything quite good and expected. But problem is FBX file becomes huge and I'm seeking to avoid that. Is this the only way?

Your suggestion (Splitting UV islands) confused me, because I had no issue baking with stacked UVs. And I would like to keep them stacked as it will be used in a big texture atlas.

Hi everyone,
I have repeating column objects (sharing same UV space) in my house structure. Do I have to copy high poly version of that column to each low poly column location as well (in order to bake mesh maps from high to low)? What would be the correct approach to this?

Hi, I think you misunderstood me. I'm not talking about the ability to undock 2D or 3D viewport. I'm asking the possibility of making any undocked window full screen in second monitor.

It's possible in Designer:

But not in Painter:

Should I make a feature request about this?

Is it possible to undock and maximize view (make it full screen) on second monitor in Substance Painter?
I see in the document it is possible for Designer but there is no information about it for Painter.

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