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This was corrected successfully & quickly with the help of support.

Thanks  :)

Hi, I have a Substance Indie yearly subscription (prepaid for 1 year) which expires on 26.11.2019.
Today, I returned to my account subscriptions page in order to cancel & pay the $49 fee to get the perpetual
license - which I should be entitled too.

However, my license is already marked as "cancelled by user on 20/11/2019". The "cancel & get perpetual" link has vanished.
How do I get my Perpetual license now ?
I already paid for the full year in advance for my current license and should be able to get the perpetual at $49 now ?

Can you please advise how to proceed ?

@Vincent Gault :

In your answer to ilonalauraboyer:
"Whatever we do (keeping the same model or changing for a new one), if changes occur, the option to buy your perpetual license will be available for anyone who is under the monthly plan right now." have been a bit too specific, at least in my opinion & specifically in those's who are on a yearly subscription  ;)

1.) Can you please shortly confirm that this answer also applies to all your customers who are right now under a yearly subscription (or just edit your answer accordingly) ? Thanks  :)

2.) And could you perhaps also confirm that it will still be 49 $ ?

Some might consider this question as "nitpicking", but with legal questions & under the current special circumstances I prefer clear answers & it would also help all customers being in the same situation.
(Especially if they have to make decisions now.)

Btw. my current (have been a customer for a long time) yearly subscription is from the 2018 black friday sale, also have a look at this short thread, where I tried to make clear as much as possible what exactly I am buying & with which options.  ;),26473.0

Refering to an older remark in this thread, stating the perpetual option is seldomly used:
I also use it very "seldomly", only every ca. 12-18 months, after I have "earned" the right to change it to a perpetual license
after finishing my monthly or yearly subscription  8)
Without this option, we would be at the CC license model, which I surprisingly try to avoid as much as possible.
And I doubt I would have become a more or less regular user of Substance if the only option would have been rental without
the potential perpetual "security" license option after 12+ months.

To the Allego team:
Thanks for answering all the questions here & and especially that you are trying to avoid "corporate speak" as much as possible - I appreciate that  :)

Merci bien & Cheers :)

Hi Jeremie - thanks for your reply.

Does this also mean that I can buy Substance Indie (incl. 1 year maintenance) now with the Black Friday deal for 159 US$
and then pay an additional 49 US$ to upgrade this to a perpetual license (which will be perpetuating the versions of Substance Indie being actual in 12 months) ?

Can you please state if this is possible / allowed or not ?

Thanks  :)

I've got some previous Substance Indie licenses in my account, one of them perpetual (but no active maintenance).

If I decide to upgrade my Substance Indie License, and plan to pay for 12 consecutive months + 49 US$ to get another perpetual license at the end (for the then current version(s) ), this would cost me:

6 x 9.95   (month #1 to #6)
6 x 19.95 (month #7 to #12)
1 x 49      (to get a perpetual Substance Indie license directly after the 12 months period)
= 228.40 US$

Using the Black-Friday Deal, I can get Substance Indie and one year of maintenance for 159 US$.
At the end of that year, I have to pay another 49 US$ in order get the then actual version(s) of Substance Indie
as a perpetual license. This would cost me:
1 x 159    (one year of Substance Indie Maintenance - including Substance Source allowances)
1 x 49      (to get a perpetual Substance Indie license directly after the one year period)
= 208 US$

So, the Black Friday Deal would come 20.40 US$ cheaper in this scenario than the subscription upgrade scenario above.

=> But is this correct ?  ???
Is it possible to upgrade the Substance one year maintenance from the Black Friday Deal to a perpetual license for the
then actual Substance Indie version(s) by paying another 49 US$ ??

=> Can someone from Allegorithmic please confirm that the second scenario (upgrading 1 year maintenance by paying 49US$ at the end to get a perpetual license) is possible & allowed ?
Or just confirm that this is wrong and not possible  ;) ?

Thanks & Cheers  :)

Hi Wes,

thanks a lot for providing the new modo 901 plugin version so fast :) !

Now the new substance features from SD5 are working in modo 901.
However, the substances look partially different from what I see in SD5, even
when using somewhat similar HDRIs ;-)  Will do some more tests.
Also modo 901 does not seem to support some of the channels like AO, glossiness, metallic, ... but that's not the fault of SD5 ;)

Thanks again for the first class service.


Any updates on that ?
I was just loading a sbsar file into the newly released modo 901 and it displayed the error message: "Substance file contains features not yet supported".
(I used the updated V2.0.1 substance plugin for modo 901).

Do you have an approximate ETA for the substance plugin version for modo supporting all SD 5 features ?

Thanks & kind regards.

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