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Hi, I have a Substance Indie yearly subscription (prepaid for 1 year) which expires on 26.11.2019.
Today, I returned to my account subscriptions page in order to cancel & pay the $49 fee to get the perpetual
license - which I should be entitled too.

However, my license is already marked as "cancelled by user on 20/11/2019". The "cancel & get perpetual" link has vanished.
How do I get my Perpetual license now ?
I already paid for the full year in advance for my current license and should be able to get the perpetual at $49 now ?

Can you please advise how to proceed ?

I've got some previous Substance Indie licenses in my account, one of them perpetual (but no active maintenance).

If I decide to upgrade my Substance Indie License, and plan to pay for 12 consecutive months + 49 US$ to get another perpetual license at the end (for the then current version(s) ), this would cost me:

6 x 9.95   (month #1 to #6)
6 x 19.95 (month #7 to #12)
1 x 49      (to get a perpetual Substance Indie license directly after the 12 months period)
= 228.40 US$

Using the Black-Friday Deal, I can get Substance Indie and one year of maintenance for 159 US$.
At the end of that year, I have to pay another 49 US$ in order get the then actual version(s) of Substance Indie
as a perpetual license. This would cost me:
1 x 159    (one year of Substance Indie Maintenance - including Substance Source allowances)
1 x 49      (to get a perpetual Substance Indie license directly after the one year period)
= 208 US$

So, the Black Friday Deal would come 20.40 US$ cheaper in this scenario than the subscription upgrade scenario above.

=> But is this correct ?  ???
Is it possible to upgrade the Substance one year maintenance from the Black Friday Deal to a perpetual license for the
then actual Substance Indie version(s) by paying another 49 US$ ??

=> Can someone from Allegorithmic please confirm that the second scenario (upgrading 1 year maintenance by paying 49US$ at the end to get a perpetual license) is possible & allowed ?
Or just confirm that this is wrong and not possible  ;) ?

Thanks & Cheers  :)

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