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Doh, silly me.  I looked all over for it and just didnt see it.  Thanks!

Edited to add that I found my way to this page:
Allegorthmic, it would really really make sense to have the latest version on that page too, since if you google it that is the more likely page to find.

Hi Mostafa,

I found this tool and the first time I tried it it worked like a charm, but now I click the create materials and nothing happens.  Have others had this issue?   Is there a more updated version of it?

I checked that i had the right texture type chosen and only checked those items i had textures for.. but clicking the button does nothing.

modded to add - ok first problem was an errant underscore so i fixed that and tried again.  It appears to have created my test materials but I did get this error:

# Warning: Unrecognized node type 'aiStandard'; preserving node information during this session. #
select -cl  ;
# Error: file: C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2017/scripts/startup/callPython.mel line 54: TypeError: file D:/USER/Documents/maya/2017/scripts\ line 589: 'NoneType' object has no attribute '__getitem__' #
// Warning: file: C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2017/scripts/others/hyperShadePanel.mel line 11165: waitCursor stack empty //

Hi, I am using Maya 2017 and there does not appear to be a maya plugin that works with anything later than 2016.5.  Can we expect one soon?

....probably a stupid question but "tangent" space normal?  What is that?  Do you mean the normal normal or the world normal or something else? 

...and when I bring it back which slot does it go into?

Ok i took the plunge and updated - LOVE that i can rename materials in the shelf IN the shelf, and delete them woot!

Sadly this did NOT solve the exporting black problem.  It is very odd to me that non metal textures are exporting just fine on the same model.  So I decided to see why particular ones are doing this.  I am getting some that are absolute black, some that are just 70% darker (happens on a brass one I have), or just fine.  I am not seeing anything that all have in common, some are smart, some arent.  Most of my materials are either from or allegorithmic source.  It isn't easy to figure out which material came from where (would be really nice if there were! *hint hint*).

Materials from the source that I have and are coming out black:
Brushed Copper
Dragon Scales
Aged Brass
Hammered Copper

Others are just coming out weirdly dark - I have attached an example showing the 2D & 3D view beside the file being exported.  I have set the 2/3D view to base color only since that is all that is seen on the diffuse.  This difference in baking makes them nearly as useless as the all black ones.

Is there some setting somewhere that is being missed?  This exact model looks and exports fine with all of the non-metals (including really glossy textures) but the metals are a complete waste of time.  help?

Modified to say I have upgraded to 2.5.3 - same problem.  the picture is from 2.5.3

@Vincent - I put this in the Designer threads rather than the painter ones because I was wondering if there are any different sorts of filters/exporters in Designer than there are in Painter.  I have spent a significant amount of time on the issue in painter and by all my Experiements and the feedback I have seen here in various threads it just doesnt look like Painter can do it.  Can Designer?

@Vincent - the rightpicture IS what exports - importing it again won't do anything.  Applying the baked light filter does NOT apply the little height highlights on anything rendered. That is the issue.

@Vincent - I read there was some issue of extra slow rendering with the update today, is that something I should be concerned about or should I go ahead and try the upgrade?

I have also had this problem.  My solution has been to save everything. close the app and then go back in and save the smart material.  It seems this happens most likely after I have already imported a texture to use in my project.  Looks like some sort of application locking issue, after the new texture is imported maybe the lock isnt letting go?

I just noticed that I am having the same thing (v. 2.5.1) with all of the smart metals.  I dont think I have been having this before.  I just spent 12 hours rendering my objects to 2048 with aliasing 8x8 - afaik that is the only change I have made to my model in SP.  The metals are showing perfectly in both 2d and 3d view but when exporting diffuse it is just plain black.

For kicks and giggles i slapped a smart wood, leather and cloth on the model and exported and it is FINE with those sorts of textures.  It is *only* the metal textures that seem to be having this issue.

normal map format: Open GL
shader: pbr-metal-rough

Hi, yes, Vincent, the baked filter in SP does not add any height or specular information into the diffuse it makes.  This will not work for my purposes.  You have probably seen lots of posts for me lately on this topic.  I've looked at using the baked light filter, asked for improvements on that filter - looked at trying to capture the 2d view - none of those do what i need.  So I have turned my attention to SD to see if I cannot find a way to make textures that incorporate height and spec.

Thinking outside the pbr box, imagine i was trying to make a simple seamless tile for use in Photoshop using SD.  The tartan for example.  If I wanted to make a simple seamless texture and output it to a png or jpg, but have it looking like it does in the 3d window of SD - ie with a little sheen from the environmental light and a bit of ao on the weave of threads - is this possible?

I have had this as well.  I think that it may be an issue with 'too many freaking materials' on the shelf as I am getting quite a collection now. :-)  For me this goes hand in hand with the thumbnails regenerating all the time, despite moving up the memory allotment in the preferences to 1500.

Hi all, this is an oddball question so please bear with me.  I have been hunting high and low for a way to get painter to output a diffuse layer that includes the highlights from normal and specular.  That simply isn't possible right now, but I have not given up hope of finding a way to use these products to make the textures I need for Second Life.  I am looking now to designer to see if there is some way that I could generate textures that basically take the 3d view of the output and save it as a diffuse layer with the highlights from height and spec/gloss shown right on the texture.  Is it possible? If so, how?

Thanks, I did actually find it eventually- in the viewer settings tab there is a checkbox and you can choose a color.  The UV shells appear as a slightly bolder line. 

So, let me modify my request to perhaps add a wireframe button at the top where it is more easily/intuitively findable.

There may be a way to do this that i just havent seen... I am doing a bit of creative seaming on some cushions, to hide any glitched lines with a decorative seam.  It would be really useful to be able to see where the UV seams are - a toggle on and off sort of thing.  It could be the whole wireframe, but for my purposes just the uv shell edges would suffice.

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