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Hi, is anyone aware of an issue with the newest update to the launcher?  My Kaspersky total security app keeps deleting it insisting that it is malware.

I would also like to be able to sort my materials by the date i put them in the app, if that were possible.  Then i could always find the newest ones i just put in when I go to use them instead of having to dig through hundreds of textures each time.

YES YES YES!  Adding my vote here.  It really annoys me that it doesnt give me the option to just remember and that I have to sign in each time.

I keep getting failures when I am downloading textures and it is a real PITA to try to go back and figure out what did not load properly.  I would LOVE to have a button I could click that would just compare my library of materials with my Source materials and load down any that are missing.  It would save time and trouble all around and help prevent duplicates.

Also, please add a "name only" or "small image with full name BESIDE the picture" and the whole thing in a simple single column list (or a double if it fits to save space).  This would make it easier to compare and also to just be able to see the whole name.  I have 10 things that start with "Gold" and while the picture icon helps, i would just like to be able to SEE the full name in one glance.

How strange.  I only recently started having this issue. changing it from open gl to direct x solved the issue.  this issue at least, i am not sure what will happen in second life when i upload painters output so i may be back.

Hi, I have a 5-6 gig set of files and I am no longer able to open them, this version of substance crashes before they are open.  I realize this is an insane file size.  It is a dozen pieces of furniture each with at least five separate textures in each of their layer stacks.  I *used* to be able to open this file but now I cannot.  I see now that there is a clean feature and I would like to know if there is some way to run a clean on a file I cannot open to try to make it small enough that i could? Any suggestions on how to make these files usable again?  I really do *not* want to have to start over.

I have tried opening it with the task manager on.  It is only getting to 50% of memory (I have 16 gigs) and nothing else running.  I am using SP 2017.4.2.   I moved the file from my external drive to fast internal ssd in case it was a transfer issue.  CPU is only at 20-40% so it isnt that either.

It is popping up the "this was created in an older version" message.  Perhaps the issue is there?

Hi all,

I have something odd going on.  I have modeled a heart and in 3D-Coat it looks fine, but in SP the carving goes in instead of poking out.  I am looking at that app to see if it is something i have done (never had it before).  My question is - is there an easy way to flip the normal to carve outward instead of inward?  i tried the invert filter but didnt get a good result, although i might be doing it wrong.  Any suggestions for me?

Left is painter, right is 3dcoat.

I am having this problem as well. 

Also, while you are fixing that Allegorithmic, can you also make it so that the source inside my app can be told to remember my password so I dont have to type it in each time?  I know the app remembers my pw because it renews itself each month from my subscription.

There is also an issue on the windows version where sometimes when the source window is minimized it refuses to maximize again.  It doesnt happen all the time, but if it is clicked, or the app quits and runs again this window should auto max so you can see it.

It would also (given this issue) be nice if there was some sort of SYNC functionality where I could tell the app to check that all of my owned Allegorithmic textures are installed in my app.  I have found that after reinstalling after a windows issue, I seem to have lost some of my textures and it is a PITA to try to figure out if all are there or not.

Ok lol Murphy is busy today, as soon as I posted that i was tinkering with the little slice on my start bar and noticed when right clicked i had a choice to maximize and that brought it  back up.  I am not able to recreate the condition where it stops showing again.  If minimized it pops right back up when the slice is selected.   I have no idea how it got there.  I am leaving my original post though because I would say this is a small bug somewhere.  I would expect that re running the app should have reset any minimization but apparently not.

I am not sure when this began exactly, but I suspect it was the 2017.4.1 upgrade that did it.  When i use the tool bar to open the Source inside of Painter it simply doesnt show up on either of my screens.  I tried changing the setting to identical in case it was just 'lost between' somewhere but it made no difference.  I know that the window is open because i can see the second bit next to the Painter icon on my start but clicking it does nothing.  If i hover my mouse over that little slice on my start bar i get ghost outlines where the window *should* be but nothing happens.  I noticed that in the little ghost it was slow loading, so I was sure to wait patiently to see if that was the issue but the ghost finally loaded but still refused to come to the fore or make itself visible.  What gives?

This is probably already been asked for but I am chiming in again.  I often am working with multiple pieces of furniture in a single file, so that I can be sure all have the same exact baked lighting and same final look and feel.  This week I am adding a piece to an existing set of four pieces and that is a whole lot of textures (the reason it is a lot is technical and required for the work I am doing).  That said... I was *really really really* hoping that when i had soloed ONLY the new piece and clicked bake all that it was going to just do the new one.. But that is not what happened, sadly, and now my machine is going to be tied up for HOURS rebaking the whole set when it really was not needed.  Yes, I could click in each of the new textures and render them by hand, but I was hoping to just set it and walk away...but not long enough to clean my whole house for crying out loud.  Anyway, please consider adding a "bake visible textures" or soloed or whatever wording makes sense, that would ONLY bother with the ones I have selected and not the entire set.

I realize that this might cause some odd shadowing, but honestly, that would work for me too.  I find that occasionally I do not want a shadow in a certain place, if i rendered one texture without the other piece interfering I would be fine with that, and I think others would too once they figured out how it worked.

Try upping the ray count for ao and thickness and also the aliasing - try 4x4 or the higher one to smooth that out.

Content - Substance Source - Suggestions for textures
 on: July 16, 2017, 01:50:13 pm 
There is currently one bamboo texture in the source, but it doesnt have the rings in it.  It would be nice to have something like this  as it is there, but also perhaps as a texture for wrapping around a single columnar bamboo.  I am making my own now but i would definitely download it if it was available!

Another would be for a log without the bark on (ie for making log cabins)


Mossy bark tree trunk textures, or at least the moss to overlay existing bark.

More wicker/ratan textures, there is just one that I have found.

Fabric - Serape: with the ability to change out the colors individually

I would really love to be able to just paste the hex number for a color from photoshop into painter when I want a specific color used for a material.  It is a bit of a PITA to have to type in all three numbers separately.

It would also be useful to be able to "copy" a color from one material to another - having a hex number showing (like in photoshop) would make that fairly simple without additional functionality.

Hi, I do most of my work low poly because I am creating game assets.  I do not want the weird little artifact edges that the lighting filter adds where the model isnt smooth.  To date I have been getting around this by smoothing my low poly model in maya x2 and bringing that into painter. That works fine, but it is a real PITA when I need to make small tweaks to the model.  I would love to be able to have painter simply able to do some "extra smoothing" so that my textures come out nice and even without corner/edge artifacts.  Does that make sense?

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