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Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - unwrapping and blender
 on: October 05, 2020, 09:42:57 pm 
So i'm using unwrapping in blender and got the hang of it. Now when I put it in substance painter, i have it where i set up a height pattern and i use a mask so it only effect a certain polygon.  However for some reason, some of the detail of the height goes on other polygon even those are seperate of each other. Here i have a screenshot to show how this repeat pattern is going on the edge of the other polygon yet when i turn on the black and white it doesn't show any sign of white that show it

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Baking - Baking issue
 on: May 06, 2018, 06:44:28 am 
Hi there so need some help, I always have trouble with baking. I had it where I was baking this knife and it has it where it has this one part that stand out strange on the tip of the knife and another part has it give its a shark like pattern or so on the end. Any clue on this, I know it has to do with the normal. Also to add I have this one situation that involves the ambient occlusion making the back of the knife have a strange mark on it.  I'm also including the shots from 3ds max as the red represents the low poly and the grey represents the high poly. I don't know if its ok for me to post the 3ds max or not but if its ok let me know if that helps.

Hi there could use some help with this. I can't figure out what went wrong. So I finished my knife in 3ds max and then exported it to substance painter, however when I do, the faces have it where they are revered for the blade, I don't know how it happen. I'm providing screenshot to show. The one in red are from 3ds max and it shows that I can see their faces so its the right side but when they are in substance painter it reverse. I even stretched it out to help show a better idea of how its the face is reversed.

Substance Integrations - Unity - Substance Unity Videos
 on: July 04, 2017, 03:15:48 am 
Hi there. I notice on the youtube playlist for allegorithmic there are two different playlist for unity. One is substance in unity and the other is substance for unity 5. Now I believe I should go with unity 5 since that the newest one but want to double check. If I wanted to get the most and better understand i should watch the videos in the unity 5 and not worry about the one in the substance in unity playlist. Just don't want to overdo it watching all the videos for myself.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - Render Help
 on: June 01, 2017, 07:32:33 pm 
Hi there so could use some help with the rendering. You see I have it where my object I made in the render has it where there is some pixeled parts or white dots to make sure I'm clear. Here is a picture. You can see how behind these handles it looks not right or pixilated if I'm correct.  How do I fix this. Do i need to get it more iterations to render with. There is a picture to show what my render setting were set to.

Hi so I been watching the videos and I like to ask this question here to get a better understanding but what the advantages of each of the shader. I mean I know one helps with opacity. Just I appreciate it if it could be broken into simple terms to understand the advantage of each one. Thank you :)

So I'm sure this was mention in the tutorial but I would appreciate it if I could talk about this. Let says I like grunge rough and let say I put it in my height material. I know it would effect the height. Now if I make another layer and give it a black layer mask with that same effect used for the fill, would there be much different or basically they could give the same result. I notice that. I know what the different is for height but wondering if there is much difference. I guess with the mask I could effect its metal and roughness while the other one I could only effect the height. Am i correct.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - Opacity Channel
 on: March 09, 2017, 02:32:33 am 
I need some help understanding the opacity. Now I saw the tutorial but I seem to have trouble getting mine to work right.  I understand I have to make an opacity channel and of course for the brush turn it on but I don't see anything happening. Is there some step I have to do or does it have it where it only work on meshes that are flat so if I had a simple cube and try to brush opacity on it, it wouldn't work because its a cube mesh. Just I like to see about making some glass for a window on a door and can't get the opacity to work.

Now I did a search and saw this but I'm having this problem. I have it when I do the high poly for low poly and do mesh name, it has it where it comes out with the normal that is black. It works with always but not mesh by name. I try doing what was mention about resetting the transform and scale.  To add both of my objects were in the same place in 3ds max, and both had it where they had the same exact name with the _high and _low.  I check the log but not much luck. Any ideas and here is my log.

Hi so I have a question. If i have two assets with the same material, i see they have it they overlap each other even if they are two seperate objects

Do i need to move the uv for one asset over to another part or have it where they are different materials.

Hi so I need to figure out why its doing this. I have it where I have some object in 3-d that are parented and child so if one moves they all move, in 3ds max. So when I export that fbx the file has it where the objects are out of place.  Is there some kind of setting I have to do or when I export the object having it when they are parent and child they don't turn out right. Just curious on this situation

Hello there so I'm trying to get a better understand of how to bake my items from high res to low res item with substance painter. I have it where I get not a good result or it turns out black. I'm putting in the files. I will say I have a door in the high res with extra detail and seeing if I can take some of the details it has and put it as a normal map in low.  Now bare with me as I'm new to doing something like this so I don't know if maybe something is off, maybe I'm trying to make something that can't be a normal into one, or my items could be the wrong size. To add, here is a question, if i was to export both low and high, do they have to be in the same exact spot in the program. I know they should be the right size. Also maybe there is too much detail in my high. I hope its ok for me to ask this as trying to get a hang of doing baking. Also I do know it works as the log says it is a successful 3d loaded

Hello so I went thru the tutorial of substance painter. Its a very handy tool however I came across many questions and I hope its ok for me to ask them. Just when it comes to new programs, I have questions and need things broken down to be able to understand or cleared up so I hope this is ok for me to post here and please excuse me if I repeat my questions.

First is what is the point of making a high mesh and low mesh.  i mean does it matter should it just be simple mesh and just build on or will some effect happen on it. I take it the difference between a high and low in a way is that is has more polygon am I correct. Just figuring out if it really necessary to have a times too.

What reason would there be for reupdated the importing the meshes later on as mention in the tutorial video?

The normal map should it be apply by the painter or can it by another program like crazybump or photoshop?   Also I take it is a good idea to bake about what if you have just a low by itself. to understand do i have to make normal. 

Do you need to use id if you don’t have a high mesh

Where is the geometry decal since the program is new. bit confused by that?

So if i understand the tutorial correctly, a good idea is to take the painted height that was made then go to export texture and make it a normal is that correct or is it ok to not have to do that. I remember how the building we made the painted height then we export it to make it a normal?

What reason is there for making a material id and what is a general idea to keep in mind for making an id?

How is the ambient occulsion with fill layer work now as the controls are different from the substance painter tutorial 1?

What reason is there for using the mask and then the generator.  was the generator mixed in with the mask and the texture of rust. Trying to understand how it worked in a way and effect.  It seem that before generator fine, does it mix in?

What kind of images can be made from photoshop that can be used. i believe alpha is one and texture. what else can they be applied too?

I apologize if this is big but just want to understand this program more and have lots of questions and it helps to ask them.

Hi there I just started to use substance painter and I followed the tutorial but I have some of my own questions I wish to ask to help me understand working with this program and other ones. This may have been mention but hard for me to get all the information at once.  To keep things simple, let say I had a box I wanted to make so i made it in 3ds max. Now I added a bit of detail to it like push in some faces and such. So here is where some of my questions come in. First would it be a good idea to get all the uv faces organize first before I export it, because i notice if i do, in painter the 2d uv face is combine so if i was to paint one side it effect other. So should I take care of that first in 3ds max. Next, if I had an interesting texture I made in photoshop for the box, should i put it 3ds max or make a jpg of it and use substance painter to add the texture to it. Now if this is for unity, i should export it like how it mention in the video with the tangent and triangulation. Here is another thing, when I bring my model box into substance painter, i take it I have to bake the textures first in it. So i go to bake texture there is a mention about the high definition meshes. That uses the same fbx file i used to bring in the file to open it if I'm correct.  Sorry for all the questions, trying to understand a good way to work this correctly with other things.

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