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Hi giupviecnha,

Can you submit an email to me, at ? I'd like to get some more detail so we can help you out. Thanks!

This is a compatibility version release to support UE4.17.

Download Link:

The plugin has been sent to the Epic Marketplace and will be live in the near future.

Hi Kay Vriend,

We added SD6 Support with the UE4 4.15 release.

Hi ZeJudge,

If you log in to SCEDEV using your developer account, you should be able to send us a notification using "Tools & Middleware" section, so we can verify your developer status. Once you do that we will send you an email with the download location for the PS4 specific sources.

If you have any issues please email me at


would it be possible to email the substances or project to , so we can test on our end as well? Thanks !

Hi Dwayne,

It is on the Marketplace now actually!

Hi Davy,

We submitted 4.14 Support to Epic Marketplace last night, and we also published the code on Github. Hopefully it will be live in a day or two.


The Substance Plugin has been released on GitHub and will be released soon on the Epic Games Marketplace. This is a compatibility release for 4.14.

GitHub URL:
If you get a 404 Error with the Github URL:

Hi Stephen,

The name clashing could indeed be a problem. Do you have an issue if you use the same substance file, just renaming the graphs? It would probably require you to export it as another file.

Hi Stephen,

I have added both of these items into our JIRA tracking so we can investigate adding them :) We might need to coordinate with SideFX but it's now on the roadmap.

On issue two specifically, it might be a houdini problem but it could also be how we handle mantra rendering, it's hard to say. If you create two substances but don't use the merge node, do you get unique results?

Hi Stephen,

Right now if you want a substance to appear differently in a scene you will need multiple substance nodes, one for each instance you want to have. I think this might be why the material sop isn't working as intended.

As for issue two, it sounds like this is just a mantra issue, correct? Viewport is fine?

Ahh yes, I believe that's an Apprentice limit.

Hi codyjmason,

Does anything under 512x512 work, or is it only 512x512 that displays, regardless?

Hi jacksonmpinheiro,

This is definitely interesting and definitely sounds like we have a bug in the async processing. Would you be able to copy the relevant blueprint into a separate project with some test assets and email it to ? I would like to see why it's not working :)

Hello All,

The Substance Plugin has been updated and released on GitHub. The Marketplace plugin should be updated soon, so keep your eyes open!
Github Link:
If you have 404 errors using Github:

This is a compatibility release for 4.13

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