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An easy way to illustrate the issue ... just import a large single quad to paint on, and try to use the smudge tool on it.  I'm using an Nvidia gtx 980 Ti, using almost the latest drivers.  I did not yet install the ones that just released a day or so ago.

I don't know if this is the same issue, but I was also having problems with the smudge tool.  What I discovered is that it behaves erratically if you have very low poly mesh.  Seems like it won't smudge pixels near the center of a large polygon.  I subdivided my mesh a few times and now it seems to work normally.

I'm running into this same problem right now in the latest version.  Any ETA on the manual offset feature?

I would like to use the Match by mesh name feature when baking my maps in Painter.  My model is in Blender.  Where will Painter need my mesh part names to be?  Vertex groups?

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