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Content - Substance Share - Different file-types in materials.
 on: September 28, 2015, 09:45:00 am 
Hi All,

I've noticed that some of the materials available under the "Material" tab contain different file-types...
Some of these I don't even know how to open...  ::)
I.e. when you download the Simple Diamond Plate material, you'll find a zip archive containing a file named "Simple Diamond Plate_RM.sppr", however, although I have Substance Designer, Painter, Player and Bitmap2Material this file extension doesn't seem to be connected to any of them...?!

I've searched my HD and found that files with the extension .sppr seem to belong to "Brushes", hence I would assume that the zip archive should be located in the "Brushes" section on Substance Share and not under "Materials"...

I would assume that the files belonging under "Materials" would be "sbsar" and "sbs" files...
Can somebody clarify, as a noob like me can get quite confused with these discrepancies... :)

Hi All,

I'm a complete noob when it comes to Substance Painter.
I've seen these Smart Materials in the monthly packages and I've also seen some nice ones being available at the new Substance Share... But how can I use these...?

I'm making technical 3D models of cooling systems and primary use SketchUp, which isn't capable of utilizing such substances.
So far I've been using the SBSAR files to create my materials, but I wonder how I can use these Smart Materials and convert them into something I can use. ???

I've watched various tutorials, but they all show how I can apply smart materials to various parts of a model imported to Substance Painter.
Is this the only way I can use the SPSM's...?

I hope that it's possible to use these in another way.
Should I import a simple sphere or a cube and do it this way - or do you have any other advices?

Thanks in advance! :)

Content - Substance Share - License clarification.
 on: September 16, 2015, 09:06:31 am 
Hi All,

It's already been discussed briefly in the Announcing Substance Share thread, where Sebastien Deguy (Founder and CEO, Allegorithmic) have tried to clarify the license terms for Substance Share...

Well, let me clarify: what that means is (please read the entire text there:, if you download an asset from Substance Share, you can use it in a game, to produce a film, etc. whether it is a commercial or personal project. You JUST have to credit somewhere the author and the link to the source.

Then, IF you modify the asset AND decide on distributing the derived asset by itself, THEN, because what you distribute is based on the original asset that is licensed according to CC-BY-SA, the new, modified asset has to be licensed under CC-BY-SA too.

This is to basically prevent from anyone downloading the assets, barely modify them and redistribute them (or even sell them) on other platforms.

I hope that helps! :)

I assume we can all agree that this seem fairly straight forward - right...?
And then again - perhaps not really, cause as Tokri wrote subsequently...
I'd be happy on those terms that you described, but unfortunately that's not how I'd interpret CC-BY-SA. For example this answer pretty much sums my fears on using SA copyleft license:

I've read that (4.0) license you linked and I didn't catch anything that would state that I wouldn't need to share my own product using CC-BY-SA even if I used only one CC-BY-SA source asset for my entire product. If you can point out the part on that legal text that states otherwise, can please quote that for us? I'd be more than happy to be wrong here..

I feel the license terms are getting more and more blurry and make it close to impossible to use in reality without further clarification...  :-\

In example, I only use some materials in architectural renders of 3D models...
From what I understand, I will need to credit all authors of materials I use in a render, provide links to the source and my renders are all of a sudden under the CC-BY-SA license... (??)

If this is how I should interpret the license, then I need to leave this, as it will means that I can't use any materials in any of the renders I make...

Moreover... If I use a material in a 3D model and share this model with others, I'm not allowed to do so in the future, although the material is only a very small part of the entire 3D model...  ???

Or if I want to share the material I've made based on an asset I got from Substance Share, that would be a direct breach of the license...

I think this needs further clarification, as it may lead to a completely useless system - at least for me...  :-\

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