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A gradient map in the middle would also work.

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Technical Support - Re: Position
 on: August 12, 2018, 05:09:07 pm 
What do you mean? Those highlighted areas are just the tiled sections from the opposite side, so are perfectly correct.

Hi guys,

I would need to find a way to replicate the
- Nuke postageStamp node
- Houdini ObjectMerge node
Inside substance designer.

Basically i would like to be able to select any node from a substance graph and create an instance of it.

That would be excellent, it would make the "readability" of graphs much simpler than having multiple lines all over the place, just plug and instance of the node and utilise it's output or input, which would propagate to the parent instance.

Dunno if this is rigth, but based on my (very limited) use of SP, I think a lot depends on the nature of how you are adding emmissive details. If you add a layer for emission and start off with a white mask, everything will be bright, start off with a black mask and you can paint in emission details. Certainly I've experienced that trying to add things like scratches etc in other channels so I presume it's the same sort of thing.

You'll find this with a lot of tutorials, they were written for older versions and quite a few nodes have their parameters altered. In some cases, the node is no longer available and you need to choose a new one, though it may give slightly different results. I've come across this on both the aged planks and rocky ground tutorials. So there will be some variation on the end result from what you see in the tutorials. I did a fair bit of head scratching on that section myself.

Nope, depends which you click over download and SBS and SBSAR pop up, then you have to click to choose,

I know this sounds a tad counter intuitive, but if you check out the "aged wood planks" tutorial, the bit at the start could just as easily be applied to distressing bricks as wood, which ends up weathering the edges of the bricks, (planks), to make them more random and adding surface variation.

Footnote, following on from yesterday, I took my version of rocky_ground and replaced the tile_random with the one from the asset for the tutorial, which is the legacy tile_random and can confirm doing that removes the errors on export to sbsar.

So if anyone is in a pinch, open an old sbs file and use the legacy tile_random until the fix is published, I saved it out so i can import it as a resource if required.

Forgot to attach file

Ahh, I've just tried to publish a material and got this error along with a whole host more. fail details attached, I had presumed it was some error in my material, (following the tutorial ).
The strange thing is, using the asset from the tutorial, which does use tile_random, there is no error, so I'm still not 100% sure there is another problem with my material.

I have just updated to the 2018.2, but I loaded that preset into my SP no problem with 2018.1.3, granted though, i did it via the import button on the shelf.

There's an import button on the shelf, you can do it that way. I heartily recommend going to substance academy ans also subscribing to the Allegorithmic youtube channel, they cover all aspects. They have superb tutorial and it's helping me enormously as I am new to the program as well.

Trying to load a couple of files made in the Spring 2018 version (2018.1.3) getting this sort of error:
[ResourceShader] pbr-metal-rough-with-alpha-blending:49 | 2(49) : error C1008: undefined variable "pbrComputeBRDF"
[ResourceShader] Last known valid shader is currently used. Please fix the project shader.

EDIT:  Had to change the shader to the same type, text when I opened up the shader panel said "(outdated)", reselected and it updated to current version. Error no longer appeared on load.

I'd re-check that in Blender, as far as I know, SP only reads the UV's from the FBX file, doesn't do anything to them. That looks a lot like some geometry hsa been hidden and so not included in the UV. That laso may explain your other issue.

If you want to post the blend file, I could take a look.

I am very much a begginer on this, still wading through the tutorials, but it seems to me most of the errors relate to missing inputs, maybe they need to be allocated to something in order to work properly? I don't know as well if the two tile generators having the same input names may be affecting things.

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