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Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Discussions - Find Variable usage
 on: October 26, 2018, 06:19:52 pm 
Excuse me if there's an obvious answer to this.
If I have a graph input parameter variable which is tied to several node actions within the graph, is there any way I can find a list of all those items tied to it?
So say, it is linked to a couple of opacity values in blends and slider positions on other nodes, apart from manually going through each and every node, clicking and showing if the exposed value is indeed ties to that value, is there a more "friendly" way of finding that information out?

I run a GTX1050ti with 4GB, definitely works just fine on my i5-4570 system, (16gb of ram).

I've just loaded it up, and for some reason, the sbsar file has the hieght channel on the material diabled. Enable it and you should notice a difference. The height map IS loaded, as you can check by cycling through the channels in the viewport using "c". (Use 'm' to show the material again). However, you do not get the drastic effect of height and normal laps that you do in Substance Designer. My guess, you would export the maps to your program of choice and control the final intensity there.

Have added my comment about a linked node there as well as sometimes, that may make the graph tidier than just a re-route split node.

Thanks, I just realised that I need to reset the normals (by selecting the faces and hitting Ctrl+N), but how do I reset the scale of the objects? I couldn't find it anywhere online...

Update: Just found that hitting Ctrl+A opens a menu that lets me apply the scale, but why is this important?

Scaling has an effect on modifiers, so always make a habit of applying scale if you do sizing in object mode. For eaxmple, take a cube, scale it .25 on the z and then go into edit mode, if you try Bevel (ctrl+b), you don't get the result you expect, undo with Ctrl+z if you have applied the bevel. Go back into object mode, CTRL+A and apply scale, now go back into edit mode and do a bevel. Likewise flipped normals can give very odd results iwth things like bevel in Blender

Sorely needed, it would tidy up the node graphs no end.
Edit: Another thing which would help, having the ability to create a linked suplicate of a node, so you can place the linke node where you want, but it always linked back to the one "real" instance of the node. Change that node and the others are automatically updated. This would also help in graph readability over a myriad of criss-crossing lines.
(Blender 3D does this with objects, so I presume it's a sort of pointer to in code rather than a copy of).

As Vincent says, I'd go with a square shape, then use a transform2D with tiling set Absolute->No tiling to create the gaps between planks. That said, boats still are made of planks, not one continuous run.

I use ALT+shift to make reroute points visible, click and drag on one to make it "active". Be nice if substance had re-route nodes where you could branch off from that point instead of always coming from the parent node, as it stands, they are oof limited use.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: Looking for Fibres
 on: August 20, 2018, 05:52:06 pm 
I think directoinal noise has replaced this, I came across something similar myself and found it seemed to fit the bill.

Interesting thing: After leaving Designer open all night, the interface is now snappy. I tried closing and reopening and it's still quick to open the space menu and load the library sections.

Is there some kind of caching that goes on right after a fresh install that takes a while in order to get the library into memory or something?

I can confirm I've found something similar, all of a sudden, SD is back to working at a decent speed. Definitely sounds like it's doing some "heavy lifting" in the background on an inittial run after update.

Just installed the latest SD update, (build 1495), since then opening and attempting to select nodes from the search is painfully slow, taking several seconds to even recognise a keystroke, it has made SD pretty much unusable.

To have a map, you need a channel, the plus sign on the right opposite the channels text will allow you to do that.
Which tutorial is it?

Have you tried Normal Sobel? That can give a smoother / cleaner normal map

Hmm, can you post the fbx?
does it look bad when you import before you texture?

Difficult to say with the blend file. Have you tried opening the FBX you exported in Blender, see if it is part of the export process that is the issue?
Just do an FBX import.

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