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No it's not possible, i found the answer.


I just found this video and i don't understand how to do it with substance painter.
Is it possible or not ? If yes, how...

The link is dead, so i have no idea how to make the export preset "RGB_One_Texture".
If someone know how to do it...

No it's good i found this afternoon, it's very simple  :)

Seriously, there are no solution to have base colors and metallic effect in one targa file ?
I search since many weeks, certainly for nothing..
Just say to me if it's possible or not..

This is what i have with Firefox when i try to load the page to download the code:

Ok thx very much it's work.

No one answered to my question about "how to do a transparency at 90% like with Gimp ?"
I found the solution by myself and I will explain it here.

First, do what you see on this picture:;topic=6297.0;attach=11079;image

Second, you go to "shader settings" and you click on the default shader "pbr-metal-rough" to select another one.
And you select "pbr-metal-rough-with-alpha-blending"

Third, you go to "texture set settings" and add an opacity channel.

You make your work, and when you want the transparency, you select only "op" in "properties paint".
You place the cursor at 10% (this corresponding with 90% in Gimp) and you paint your model with the opacity and you will see your model become transparent. (or do a fill layer if you want the transparency for the entire model)

When you have finish, don't forget to select the configuration you have created in "export textures", and you can export your project, and normally, it should work (for me it's work perfectly).

If you have a better solution, you can post it here if you want, but i don't found more fast to do exactly as in Gimp for a transparency at 90%.

Maybe you can answer to this question...
How to invert colors of a layer ?
I just found this page on the web:
I found the filter "invert", but when i want to apply it on my layer, a new layer named "invert" is created...
On Gimp i found the solution in 30 secondes, but with Substance painter, i don't understand anything...

Apparently, it's maybe not possible to do transparency with Substance painter.

The guy is this thread recommand to do it with Photoshop or Gimp.
So, you don't answer to me just because you don't know how to do it.

If you don't answer to me, i will consider that it's impossible to do transparency like in Gimp with Substance painter...
I tried many configuration, no one work..
With Gimp, i found in 2 minutes how to do it...

Why you don't answer to me ? It's a thread for noob no ?
So, help me please...
Why i need an alpha channel with a transparency at 90% ? To solve this problem:
In the game csgo, some weapons that you publish in the workshop_workbench are anormaly used and with color missing... Example:

Without the transparency:

With the transparency:

I do not understand why Valve put this "protection" that uses the weapons (some weapons, not all) and removes the colors on some parts of the weapon, it's very strange ...

As you can see, in the second picture, the weapon is not used and the colors are not missing...

I know how to do to solve this problem with Gimp but i want to know how to do it with Substance painter...
Can you help me please ?

And if you can say to me if the link i posted in my precedent thread is a fake or not, and if is not a fake, explain to me with simple words how to do it with Substance painter...

In the workshop_workbench of csgo, you can import only one tga, so you cannot have the metallic effet.. So how this guy do this kind of weapon with metallic effet ??

Thx very much !

Look the price of this weapon seriously:

For only approximatly five minutes of work... (the time to publish the weapon on the workshop)
And now look the price of this weapon:

You understand the problem....

I would like a good tutorial understandable by all to break the market prices.

Sorry but i don't found an answer to my problem in your thread
How to do the same thing in Substance painter as Gimp ?

Under Gimp (it's very simple):
layer> transparency> add an alpha channel
color to alpha> transparency threshold> 90%
And the problem is solved.

But I have never managed to do that under Substance painter yet.
Can you explain to me point by point please?

I do all what is explain in this picture, but it does not work.;topic=6297.0;attach=11079;image

And since I'm not very good at technical English, I'm not even sure we're talking about the same thing.

How to do what i do on Gimp on Substance painter ? Can you explain to me please ?

And please, can you explain to me, for a noob (with simple words), what the guy try to explain in this thread (i don't understand anything):
(how to do this with substance painter easily)

edit: This tutorial is a fake of what ? For exemple, the guy say to create a .tga to 2048x2048 and import it as .vtf at 4096x4096.... It's useless, no ??
Increasing the resolution of a texture will not change its quality, it will remain in a quality of 2048x2048 even if it is then passed in 4096x4096. It's the same as encoding an mp3 of 128kbps in 320kbps ...
Tell me if I crash completely because there I do not understand.


No one can help me... ??
Please where is the option alpha channel in substance painter ?
Maybe i don't really understand what the guy says.. I don't know...
What i need to do in Substance painter to exactly do what the guy say ?


Hi !

I'm french so sorry for my bad english i try to do my best.
I introduce myself, i'm a skin creator for csgo.
I encountered two problems with two different .obj
Colors are missing in the workshop_workbench, or weapon is used in appearance, or both...

For an exemple, just see this screenshot:
- awp in substance painter:
- awp in the workshop_workbench:

As you can see, many colors disappeared and my weapon appear to be used (the cursor is on unused as you can see).

I searched on the web, and i found the beginning of an answer here:

The guy say "you can get around this by adding an Alpha Channel to you texture and darkening/making more transparent those parts on the UV map"

I searched everywhere in substance painter without finding "alpha channel", so i need your help please..
I am very noob with 3d painting and skin creation (less than one weeks)

I will esperate you will have an answer to my question..

Thx for reading..

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