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I just found this video and i don't understand how to do it with substance painter.
Is it possible or not ? If yes, how...

Hi !

I'm french so sorry for my bad english i try to do my best.
I introduce myself, i'm a skin creator for csgo.
I encountered two problems with two different .obj
Colors are missing in the workshop_workbench, or weapon is used in appearance, or both...

For an exemple, just see this screenshot:
- awp in substance painter:
- awp in the workshop_workbench:

As you can see, many colors disappeared and my weapon appear to be used (the cursor is on unused as you can see).

I searched on the web, and i found the beginning of an answer here:

The guy say "you can get around this by adding an Alpha Channel to you texture and darkening/making more transparent those parts on the UV map"

I searched everywhere in substance painter without finding "alpha channel", so i need your help please..
I am very noob with 3d painting and skin creation (less than one weeks)

I will esperate you will have an answer to my question..

Thx for reading..

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