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ok, Vincent. I've resolved the lag on 3D viewport, but for the instability issue, there is still problems, i will create a new thread to describe my problem. thanks for your support on  the forum by the way.

Ok thank to Celine Dameron from support team @Allegorithmic, i' ve found what have cause this issue.

Please make sure that if you'll got any lag in 3D viewport, to check under SubDes Pref / 3D View / the Refresh Rate Value, if it goes to more than 100 ms or more, you will get some really slow feedback turnin around a mesh.

i don't know why but after updating to 6.0.2, that setting have been messed up. Check that first of all , if not contact the support, they are blasing fast !  :D

Could we get at least the Driver release build number that Allegorithmic Team have used for SubDes 6, please.

Just to get the most compatible release until things can be resolved ?

Merci (Thanks) Vincent. I'll check that.

I've got also really huge slowdown with 6.x.x, at taht time my sluggish fps in the 3D view is probably a specific issue on 6.0.1 and 6.0.2, but beside that, every graph with about 4K maps output, are really instable, i can't count the numbers of crash, when recomputing or updating graph. I't's common actually to get more than 16 Gb of ram in use on those kind of pbr graph at 4K.

I've never experience that before on 5.x.

i have a gtx 970 with 30 gb of ram on my system.

Hello, I 'm currently having fun with Substance Designer ability to create additional (utilities) graph that i can use in the Final output graph. But then after creating those graph.

i'm worrying about this for now, because at some point i'm computing a 4K map out of all those custom nodes, and SubDesigner crash sometimes back to the desktop. so i want to be sure that i'm working in the good way by checking and get the control on the processing line.

Here my Final Output Graph is Mat_CHE01_MainBody at the top of the list.

Inside this graph i use other graph like the one that regroup in only one node all my baked maps (stored in Resources as linked bitmap) in a convenient way (0_BakeMaps_MainBody) and other graph for Pattern and such into the Custom Node Folder (1_IDSelector for exemple use the 0_BakedMaps_MainBody node and a Material selector in order to ouput any mask i want from my ColorID).

Is there some ways i can define that i want to compute first my main Baking Graph Node where i feed all my baked maps, then move onto the utilities Node Graph that i use on some part of the models, then Compute de final Output that use those utilities node.

I know that Designer work as usual from Input to Output, but so if there is any problems inside my graph, how can i find the graph that got bugs or mistyped value that create errors ?

Thanks for that detailed answer Wes.

As everyone here, i' m also pretty excited to use SD6 SBSAR directly into Unity. And an the same time i think i'm not  considering any Rework on my recent Substance  in order to remove any new SD6 Node, to use them into Unity.

As well as my consideration about the substance Share node that i'm digging into many times, i'm wondering if my already build Node library, can be updated to sd6 without loosing the compatibility of all those Utilities and filters from subShare resources that have been build under SD4 or 5. How can we manage that part Wes ?

Or the biggest question is: When do Unity will let us use the GPU to compute maps from SubDesigner .....

PS: Tell me if i'm wrong but Distance node are not surrounded by a Yellow line in compatibility mode in SD6, does they are still supported by unity 5.5.2 ? Distance node where new node in SD6 right ? (or inside them they only use compatible SD5 Node)


I don't know if someone have already reported this, but SubstanceDesigner is really slow under my PC. have no issue at all opening the graph on my PC. and it's really not sluggish as the 6.0.1 (around 1 or less frame per second). with the 6.0.0 build19985 it's fine but less fast as the 5.6.2.

Is that related to FBX 2015 exported from Modo 902 sp3 ? I just got a 2K map and 408 Polygon. It sounds weird.

Windows 10 Professionnel 64-bit
   Intel Xeon E5520 @ 2.27GHz   45 °C
   Gainestown 45nm Technology
   Intel Xeon E5520 @ 2.27GHz   44 °C
   Gainestown 45nm Technology
   30,0 Go Triple-Channel DDR3 @ 531MHz (7-7-7-20)
   TYAN S7002 (CPU 1)   46 °C
   DELL U2410 (1920x1200@59Hz)
   DELL U2410 (1920x1200@59Hz)
   ASPEED Technology Carte vidéo de base Microsoft (ASPEED Technology)
   4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (ASUStek Computer Inc)   31 °C
   ForceWare version: 376.53
   SLI Disabled
   238GB Samsung SSD 850 PRO 256GB (SSD)   33 °C
   931GB Seagate ST1000DM003-1SB10C (SATA)   30 °C
   1863GB Intel Raid 1 Volume (SSD)   33 °C
Optical Drives
   No optical disk drives detected
   Creative X-Fi Audio Processor (WDM)

Hello, I' done a little test creating a blend node and 2 coors to see a text inside unity. The Alpha of the Blend node is define by the new TEXT Node from Substance Des 6.
But it seems that Unity 5.5.0 can't read it correctly. i can open the asset into unity.

Does i've made a mistake or does it's nort implemented now ?

In the Graph InputParameters, i've add a new String variable as a Text to change the text inside unity. And define the same input Identifier inside the Text Node.

Substance Desinger 6 does that.

but i've tried to expose the Text field to change it into Unity, and it didn't work. my .SBSAR file from Sub6 can't be read into Unity 5.5.0.

Teto can you check if your ByPass works under SubDes 5.6.21 please ?

I didn't know what your nodes are supposed to do, can you describe them more than only give us the web links

best regards.

I'm facing a problem on "Tile Random" custom function.

As i want to control the Tile on X and  Y and link those Variable to other Tile random node in my graph, i've made a function into the X Amount, but i can't find a way to set just a float to be the Output. It's weird.

No problems at all on the contained FX map in the graph.

Create a new graph,
create a Tile Random,
create an empty function inside the Instance parameters / X amount
create a Float,
then right clic to set it as output..... you should get a grey answer from SD.

do i'm doing this wrong ?


as you can see, there is some subtle different between the 2 different SBSAR package (CPU & GPU) in Unity, but the main problem is that how big is the difference with the one in SD. it looks that the FX map is not in trouble, the Tile Random seems to get in more trouble with the Interstice space and rotation.

Mail sent.

I will take a look this morning on switching from Direct 3D 10 (GPU) to SSE (CPU).

Edit after testing: in SD there is no difference on the shading when i change switch from GPU to CPU engine, and even i've published 2 different SBSAR from the 2 Engine it's still the same in Unity. The shading definitively didn't look the same as in substance D. But that's maybe also relative to the Project build i'm using iOS (instead of the PV, Mac release).

As you might guess, i want to tile ' or 6 times more my Albedo/Spec/Gloss/Normal to get a more finer detail on the Rock Texture and Mixed/Blend it with my Input maps (Ambient Occlusion & Curvature to add misscoloration, shadows and tweaked levels, but by using a different set of uv's in order to get no tile on the baked maps.

Do we can't imagine a node that can define inside the SBSAR an UV index for a specific map ?
That's sad to see that this limit the possibility to work with tiling into an Sbsar package that could mix so many things...

Do you know some shader that i buy from the Unity asset store or Gumroad kind iof website ?

For the "Linked parameter function", it could be really convenient to add Link  *-----------* with a different color than the default one, to see in the graph that on e parameter is linked to another. creating a function could be good, but after that you always need to acces and edit the function, so that is is not so convenient and there is no visual return about the Link function.

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