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I'm working on a grass patch texture, but I have issues with edges popping up on the outer rims of the texture(see screenshot)

So I have looked through my graph trying to fix it, but at this point I'm thinking that it might be a bug.

I have changed every node that didn't need it to "No Tiling" just to be sure, and I don't need it in a lot of cases anyway on this texture. And it seems to even happen on the 2nd node which is a Polygon 1 > Transformation 2D.
The only way to get rid of the edge is to mask out the bottom of my texture, which is strange, since the bleeding is on the top of my texture and there is no tiling on anywhere.
And it does sadly render out in the image file.
UE4 with edge bleeding:

UE4 without edge bleeding:

I don't know if there is a better or even prefered way to upload the graph, I have no issues sharing it.

sbs file:

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