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How can I bake / create a Height Map from an imported high poly terrain mesh?  I want to be ablew to export a 32bit EXR height map for displacement.

What are the exact steps?

I found this earlier thread, but it doesn’t explain how to achieve this.,34823.msg131050/highlight,height+from+mesh.html#msg131050

Substance Alchemist - Discussions - Documentation
 on: November 03, 2020, 09:36:03 pm 
Why after all this time does the Alchemist filter documentation STILL not have a majority of the filters explained?  The documentation only covers 9 filters.  When will the on-line documentation be completed?

For instance, the Base Material Filter.  When using it as the base for Image to Material, what are its separate options for?  Surface Type lists several different categories but I see no change to my material when switching between them.  Same thing with the Roughness slider.  And how would we use the Custom Channels, what are those for?

Then, next in the stack when I am converting a photo to a material is the image layer itself.  That too has an Output usage drop down.  Other than Scan1, what and how are these supposed to be used?

In the absence of such documentation please explain and provide examples if possible. 


Hi.  There is no documentation covering the following Scan Processing Filters:
  • Clone Patch
  • Crop
  • Tile
  • Make It Tile Advanced
  • and also the new Content Aware Fill
See post:,31315.0.html

Can you please provide technical support on how to use these filters?


Substance Alchemist - Discussions - Documentation
 on: November 08, 2019, 07:35:01 pm 
Congrtas Substance team on the release of Alchemist!  Now that the full version is out when will we have completed documentation?   On the filters page under Scan Processing, for instance, there is information only on Delighter.  I want to start creating tillable materials from images but do not fully know how to use any of the other filters in that section (Clone Patch, Crop, Tile, Make It Tile Advanced).  I am also especially interested in learning about the new Content Aware Fill filter.

I did watch the one video showing how to create a material from a single image:

The above, however, used a very easy tillable photo and did not cover all of the necessary filters in detail.
Could additional tutorials be quickly made illustrating the more advanced use of these filters to create tillable textures?

When I click on Check for Updates nothing happens.  I know 2019.1.0 was just released and there would be no updates.  But shouldn't a dialogue window pop up informing me of this and telling me I have the latest version?

Nothing happens when I click on Substance Source in the Resources tab (the text that says "Sent from Substance Launcher).  I did install Substance Launcher and am logged into Substance Source but can't get access to that material library from within Alchemist.

My object doesn’t have any thickness- it is just a plane I deformed for cloth. When I bring it into Painter parts of the mesh are not visible.  I imagine this might have something to do with backface culling?

How can I get my mesh to view properly is - there a show object as double sided option?

I loaded an animated SBSAR into Alchemist but it doesn’t give me access to the time variable; no timeline appears like it does when loaded into Substance Player (I'm trying to use it with Wet Streaks:

Is Alchemist capable of outputting animated textures with the time variable?  And if not, is this a planned feature?

I have a single object with various parts vertex painted for ID masks.  Is there anyway for me to hid those areas of the object I am NOT painting on, the way one can do when everything is in Texture Set List layers?  In other words, I want to hide all areas of the ID mask except the one part I am currently painting on.

How do I find the file path to my imported 3d object?

Clicking on Edit / Project Configuration only allows me to select a new source file but it does not show the name or the path to the current OBJ.

Would be grateful to anyone who can explain Multi-angle scan in more detail.  Specifically, what are the benefits to Multi-angle scan a material with 8 points of 45 degree lighting over simply using a single texture and extracting the various PBR maps using B2M tools in Alchemist?

What do I import a sbsar file created in Alchemist for use in Painter as?  In Painter when I go to "Import resources", I am given the following options:


Non of these seem applicable; shouldn't there be an import sbsar, or import material option?

Please advise.

EDIT: Well seems to work when importing it under basematerial.  Or does the designation realy not matter?

I am using the B2M tool inside Substance Designer but having issues exporting my creation to an sbsar package (which I want to use inside of Substance Painter).

In the export dialogue box is some yellow warning text that states: "Found graph with non relative to parent x1 outsize parameter."

Then, after export, the following warnings and errors:

Execution failed ! (Exit Code: 13)

[WARNING][SBSCooker]Can't find subgraph input:
   Input identifier: height_optional
   Subgraph Url: pkg:///Bitmap2Material_3?dependency=1328852391
   From Graph: pkg:///B2M-Testing?dependency=1328890855
   ... (repeated 1 more times)
[WARNING][SBSCooker]Can't find subgraph input:
   Input identifier: gunge_optional
   Subgraph Url: pkg:///Bitmap2Material_3?dependency=1328852391
   From Graph: pkg:///B2M-Testing?dependency=1328890855
[WARNING][SBSCooker]Can't find subgraph input:
   Input identifier: metallic_optional
   Subgraph Url: pkg:///Bitmap2Material_3?dependency=1328852391
   From Graph: pkg:///B2M-Testing?dependency=1328890855
   ... (repeated 1 more times)
[WARNING][SBSCooker]Can't find subgraph input:
   Input identifier: normal_optional
   Subgraph Url: pkg:///Bitmap2Material_3?dependency=1328852391
   From Graph: pkg:///B2M-Testing?dependency=1328890855
   ... (repeated 1 more times)
[WARNING][SBSCooker]Can't find subgraph input:
   Input identifier: emissive_optional
   Subgraph Url: pkg:///Bitmap2Material_3?dependency=1328852391
   From Graph: pkg:///B2M-Testing?dependency=1328890855
   ... (repeated 1 more times)
[ERROR][SBSCooker]Variable type mismatch:
      Variable Name: input_scale
      Of Type: Float2
      Accessed By: Get Float
      While Evaluating Parameter: matrix22
      In Graph: pkg:///Bitmap2Material_3?dependency=1328852391
      Node ID: 3203334144
[ERROR][SBSCooker]Cooking fail [Error 13]

Substance Designer version 2018 2.1 (on Windows 10).

Just wondering if this can be an option at some point?  Substance Painter's current glTF exporter outputs only to the Metallic Roughness work flow.

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