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Hello.  I'm having a similar mesh issue.  I textured a model on an exploded mesh:

When I wanted to see the final result in SP I changed the mesh to the assembled version in the Project Configuration, but some of the textures vanished.  You can see where they disappeard aroung the base of the tower:

It's the exact same mesh saved as two files with one FBX as the exploded mesh and the other FBX as the assembled mesh.  It's easy enough to redo the missing textures, but I'd like to understand what I did wrong so that this doesn't happen again.  Could I fix this by making Smart Materials and then applying them on the assembled mesh?  Thank you.

When I exported my FBX file from Maya to Substance Painter recently the UVs became shifted around once I opened the mesh in Painter, however the UVs were intact when I tried exporting again using OBJ.  It isn't a crucial problem, but I would like to be able to use my Texture Set List,which seems to only work with FBX and not OBJ.

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