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Depending on your export the opacity is usually in the base color alpha channel.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: Exporting Textures
 on: March 20, 2021, 03:24:23 am 
You'll need to let us know what shader and channels you're using in Painter. You're saying Diffuse and Base Color, but in Painter you'll see Metal Rough using Base Color, and Spec Gloss for Diffuse.

What is your export settings? Can you show the template you made, or the one you're using?

If you make a new project and slot those maps under your Fill Layer (don't bake anything) is the same issue happening? About about under Mesh Maps?

Does the issue only happen after using the bake feature?

If you export out your mesh maps that were baked do they also have missing information or is this purely a viewport issue?

Sure, bake down and make an ID map as well to make a mask for your opacity.

There is nothing to it, just load in the objects, select the Material Tab, press the - button and assign the same MAT ID for every piece.

If you're selecting 2K it shouldn't look like that.

You're also on version 6.1.3, have you tried updating to the latest version? Also you should include a log file in your post.

Unless the intention is to use a non-smooth mesh you should be smooth shading your mesh in Blender prior to export.

Also when making a new project you don't need to select auto unwrap if you already made UVs.

Just load the meshes in whatever 3D software you use, ie. Maya, Max, or Blender.

You can also try doing an ID map like below:

If you don't want to use the curvature way, then I would just use your UV borders with the UV Border Distance generator.

As long as your cuts are done for this it will work out fine.

You'll need to remove the MAT IDs from each section otherwise Painter splits per MAT ID into their own texture sets. Just keep a single MAT ID that matches everything.

Either make an export template and drop in your Mesh Maps, or go to your shelf and select each Mesh Map that was baked and right click - export.

That isn't Substance Painter, you're showing Substance Designer.

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