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Thanks for the reply, Jeremie.

If we are the only studio in the world with this problem, we will work around it :)
I think our tools mark files in our work folder for "add", so this file would be added as well. When its then removed, the perforce changelist cant be submitted, and isntead locks all the files.
I'm just guessing, but it could be something like that. I will pass it on to the tech artists :)


Wild necro.

is it possible to disable this lock?
It's perhaps causing some issues somewhere between our engine, our tools pipeline, perforce and this lockfile.

I also sent my sample file back then.
Butf or now I solved the issue by simply not using Photoshop :D

Thank you for looking in to it, Froyok.

I tried both suggestions, testing 2 other drives, and also scratch disk in photoshop, and none of it had any effect at all. It still stops at the same point (after 6 layers and a snapshot, in this case)

I'm quite certain it works well for a lot of people, Adam :)
I simply have problems locally, and I cant figure out why.

Did you switch into PM mode, or was this topic put aside for now? :)

Interestingly, at home I get all the layers. Still only BaseColor, but at least I got all 10 layers in this test project. Only difference seems to be I have CC 2014 at home and CC 2015 at work.

I can echo, that it happens in any project for me as well.

Do you have any error/warning in the log window after the export ?

No, everything seems to run like it should. There are no errors, the loading bar pops up, and exports all the layers.
Then photoshop opens, and I just get a fraction of the layers in, and only for BaseColor.

I'm not sure how I can help further. Is there anything I can do to help you out? Any specific test cases or screenshots etc?

Apologies for the necro.

Now I dont even get all the maps into Photoshop. I have 23 layers, but I get 6 of them into Photoshop, and still only the BaseColor.

Since this is some time ago, I cant remember where I should be looking for the exports.
Was it:
USER\Documents\Substance Painter 2\export
If so, they are not created.

I havent changed anything since last time.

Am I simply looking in the wrong place?

Hi Froyok,

Ah yeah, all the maps are present in the export folder, along with the script. However, running the script does nothing. I tried both clickNdrag, and File, Script, browse.
But yes, it definitely seems to be a Photoshop related problem.
As long as it exports everything, I can simply drag them into PS myself, I guess :)

Thanks a lot!

There is definitely no errors, and I also dont think their are any loading bars.
Perhaps I could try reinstalling 2.3.

Hi Jeremie,

I'm using CC 2015.

Hi Froyok!

I'll try, but I dont know how many details I go into. Basically, I just click the button, everything exports, but only basecolors imports.

Log should be attached :)

Hi guys,

I'm really happy to see this exporter to PSD. It's a great help for us :)
Thanks a lot!

However, I only get the BaseColor into photoshop. All my colleagues get all channels into PS, so it's a local problem, and I dont know how to solve it.

Dooes anyone have any idea whats going on?

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