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This is what I'm after
FF to 5:30...

3D Studio MAX - ID Mapping for Substance

I just learned to UV unwrap using vertex color coding. I first used a method that uses multiple material ID's so when baked and sent to SP as an exported fbx, there's a bunch of texture sets. The last tut I learned to use one 'material' ID with multiple vertex color ID's. The vertex color method was faster but it doesn't separate the different elements into Texture Set meshes.

If I don't Unwrap UVW's in 3DS MAX, Substance Painter will do it for me

I get an error when Open UV Editor (see image) is invokeduhdated. I tried selecting all vertex, welding and resetting XForm but still have this error, what's the deal please? What do the green lines mean? I need to stitch or somfin?


I'm new at Painter 6.1.3

Is it necessary to create UV's in 3DS MAX when in Painter I create maps with 'Bake Mesh Maps' under TEXTURE SET SETTINGS?

I've been asked to add geometry to a mesh. Do have to start all over?

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