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Hey there guys.

So I tried the new filter fx mat edge wear. When set to Height it doesnt do anything.
It works with normal maps however. AO doesnt seem to do much for me either inside this filter.

Last week I followed the tutorial by Wes on youtube about creating a filter like this from scratch and it seemed to work better.

Maybe something was mis connected? or I am missing something?

I tried cranking up the curvature, grunge, ao, nothing. When set to height nothing works.

Hey there guys.

I have been working on a Substance Painter series of tutorials that is more aimed at VFX work. The tutorials work for both but there is information specific to dealing with UDIMs, exporting out to redshift ( Houdini ), and rendering. Otherwise it is standard Painter. I go into working with UDIMS in modo, Painter, the difference between working in Painter vs Mari, then the Painter interface, the process that I usually use while working on assets, etc.

At the time of posting this, I have about two videos left to do or so. But so far this series has 13 videos in it.


Content - Substance Source - Re: Can't log in
 on: February 27, 2017, 03:44:22 pm 
I can't log in either, but that's because my user is not recognized on that website.  I have a substance live subscription but when I try to log in it tells me my user is not recognized. When I go to the sign up page it takes me to the purchase substance live page.. but I already have it. So I am stuck in a loop so to speak. :/

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Discussions - high poly workflow
 on: March 25, 2015, 04:59:10 pm 
hey there guys. i am wondering about substance designer for high poly objects.

Currently from what I understand, SD uses normal maps heavily to detect things like hard edges, and then create curvature maps, etc.

is it possible in SD to detect edges based on geometry only, for high resolution objects without having to resort to needing normal maps and a low poly object? say for example, I have a knife object for a movie and this object is based on a scan, decimated, uved, and now I want to quickly texture it.

there is no low poly version of this model, and there is no normal map as a result. purely igh resolution object.

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