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Hello Team Substance ,

i encountered this little issue when baking with UV tiles. Both textures are baked and displayed correctly in the viewport but in shelf is only one available (the latest UV tile). I was looking on google if i missed some checkbox or anything else.  Does anybody encountered a similar issue? I tested with 2020 and 2021.1, same issue for me.

Best regards,

Sidenote: Is there anyway variable with export presets to change the UV tile naming to something meaningfull?

It is in the works.

Hello Jeremie,

i was looking forward to the GDC 19 update but couldn't find anything on painting across textureset. Did i missed something here:
My current projects is really demanding on  that feature.
We need that stroke projection between the sets :(

Many thanks for continue pushing the texturing workflows in 2019.

It has ( with a huge gap) the highest Uservots

I dont see the real impact of the voting system. The announced  features are great additions , without asking, but i couldnt found that much "votes" on these new features?

We understand that this feature is big and complex and could not be compared to radial Symmetrie.
Your customers would love to hear back from you.

Hello Jeremie,

many thanks for the reply. Looking forward to get my hands on this one ;)

Merry Christmas!

Dear Allegorithmic Team,

Im looking for a very long time a at the uservote system, specifically at this feature request:
It has been started a year ago, 2. November 2017.

Is it possible to share some information regarding that feature? Does it come with a merge textureset exporter as well?  Substance designer is not an option here, we don't want to have multiply programms simultaneously open, especially while itterating.
You guys did a phenomenal job inventing a good PBR texturing workflow with your suit. Im very thanksfull!
We hope to hear back from you.


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