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Hello Team Substance ,

i encountered this little issue when baking with UV tiles. Both textures are baked and displayed correctly in the viewport but in shelf is only one available (the latest UV tile). I was looking on google if i missed some checkbox or anything else.  Does anybody encountered a similar issue? I tested with 2020 and 2021.1, same issue for me.

Best regards,

Sidenote: Is there anyway variable with export presets to change the UV tile naming to something meaningfull?

Dear Allegorithmic Team,

Im looking for a very long time a at the uservote system, specifically at this feature request:
It has been started a year ago, 2. November 2017.

Is it possible to share some information regarding that feature? Does it come with a merge textureset exporter as well?  Substance designer is not an option here, we don't want to have multiply programms simultaneously open, especially while itterating.
You guys did a phenomenal job inventing a good PBR texturing workflow with your suit. Im very thanksfull!
We hope to hear back from you.


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