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I have attached an sbs file with a simple example to this post so you can have a look at the issue for yourself.

The problem I am having is that when using shapes or svg as a mask - I am getting these dark lines appearing at the edges, they may seem like something that's not real important but as soon as I put a HQ blur node on the shape those small lines turn into big dark lines and I need a smooth transition without any dark lines.

I basically want to get a nice smooth colour gradient without the black lines. I'm not using an actual gradient as a mask because even with levels it does not give me enough control over the gradient, so this is the way I've come up with to solve that issue but it wont work if I can get rid of those dark lines.

I have also included some images for quick reference...

Hi, I'm wanting to save a bunch of presets of the graph state (or part of the graph state) and then send those different preset states to different output nodes. Im not sure how to go about achieving this result and help would be great.

I have made a simple example of what im trying to achieve
Attached as an .sbs file for you to have a look at
as well as a screenshot for quick reference.

Painter 2018.1.0
Win 7 x64

Hey, I just loaded a project into painter (I think the version was from 2 updates ago but I have just updated to the 2018.1.0 and am getting the same issue...

When I click on certain layers to change the blending mode I am not getting the drop down menu that allows me to change the mode - this is only happening on some layers but still it makes the program totally usable. sometimes a restart of painter will allow it to work once or twice but the problem soon pops up again.

I have messed around a bit and I cant seem to find any reason why one layer is affected and another not.

I have tested multiple projects and am getting the same problem in those other projects

Like I say this makes Painter totally unusable and I need it for work so any help with this is appreciated.

When using custom geometry in designer are there any issues I should be aware of when using parallax occlusion?

What I am trying to do is; use height map to raise up certain areas only - it works fine on the default plane but as soon as I use it on my custom geometry, the whole model gets warped and distorted.

any ideas?

I'm new to Substance Painter and have an issue I cannot resolve...
I am attempting to bake out some texture maps with Substance Painter and am running into an issue with the normal map baking out weird artifacts and I'm not sure why. If anyone could shed some light onto what I am doing wrong I would love to hear from you.
There are 2 main issues here a weird seam like artifact where there is no seam and something that looks like a extended triangle artifact.
Please take a look at the files I have provided and tell me why this is happening and how to fix the issues.

Project files can be got here...

Thank you for your time and effort

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