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I have a perpetual license for Substance Designer and Substance Painter.  When my maintenance agreements expire, will I need to buy a new perpetual license on steam?

If this exists feature exists please excuse this request (and point me in the right direction.)   It would be nice to be able to copy/past a single value to represent a color.  In this way I can record the colors I'm using and retrieve them to be used at a later date.  Now we have the HSV/RGB values, but the three values to copy/paste separately is a bit cumbersome.

Thank you.

I don't see why Adobe would allow Allegorithmic access to funds in order to further develop their product.  True, Adobe has a number of profitable late stage products, but their growth is relatively static.  Due to the expense, many developers are looking for alternatives to high priced Adobe products and while this requires an agile workflow model, the savings prove to be worth it.  Why would Adobe invest profits from their current product suite to develop a asset which is so different from anything in their current portfolio?

There might be a far more unpleasant reason Adobe purchased Allegorithmic.  In a few years Substance has become the leader in the 3d texturing by employing an incredibly innovative approach to workflow and usability, and as a result it has become widely adopted. For an established product set such as Adobe's this is highly disruptive and Substance's adoption would require that they innovate which they see not only as an erosion of their bottom line, but, even more importantly, a loss of control of their market sector.  I wouldn't be surprised to see Adobe take the IP and patents they want and merely eliminate Substance.   This would be crushingly disappointing.

I don't think Adobe can keep us from using our current Substance Products under the current non-Adobe license. But requirements of an update, even if it appears to be just an extension of the current license, may entail needing to subscribe to Adobe in the future. This is not good.  Substance was a great independent product, Adobe is just about acquisition, licensing and marketing. Very unfortunate.

It has something to do with that particular path.  If I choose other paths I'm OK. It doesn't like a particular path, I don't know why, this is super low priority, like never if you don't feel like it.

While I can export textures files to the default directory that comes up in the "Export Textures" dialog without issue, if I navigate to a directory of my own choice I get an error upon export as shown in the log file.

If I leave the path on the C drive default, I have no problems, every thing is exported.

Is there something I'm not seeing?

I've created a very simple procedural mask with Substance Designer that I hope to use in Substance Painter.  I have a Blend node in the .sbs file and I would like to expose the Blending Mode choices.  I created a drop down list with the Blending Mode choices and exposed them and it works flawlessly in in the .sbs file.  But when I publish to an .sbsar file this particular input parameter is missing, all the others are there, just this one parameter is missing.

I don't quite know what my next steps should be.

Thank you,

Edge detect based on the curvature map is great, but an edge detect based on the edges of a UV island would prove useful in certain situations, for example, if you want to show gathering at a seam on fabric. Adding a paint mask effect works fine currently, but an edge detect for islands could be more flexible.

This is a different issue, but it also concerns the flaw in the 2D viewer that happened after the current update. I'm unable to pick geometry, islands or polygons in polygon fill mode.  I was able to do this prior to the update and I'm able to pick islands and polygons in 3d mode. It might pick one or two, but for the most part it ignores all the geometry.

OK, I did a little testing of this.  I installed previous versions of Substance Painter and the file I was working on was still unable to choose islands or polygons in polygon fill mode. After changing a bunch of possible parameters (format of the mesh (OBJ, FBX) baked maps and no baked maps, Empty folder mask or Smart Material mask) the original file was still not working.  I started anew with the same mesh in a previous version (I started with 2018.1.3) Substance Painter and everything worked. Then I moved up through the versions and when I stared anew I was able to make masks with polygon fill. Finally, I reached 2018.2.2 and when I started fresh, I was able to choose polygons and islands for the mask.  I'm not sure why it failed in the original version of the file. The mesh was the same, the bake maps were off the same hi-res model and in the same format (FBX).

I'm working on a skin for a third party asset with standardized UVs (Daz3d Dragon).  The skin spans several UV maps.  Tri-Planar project goes a  long way to help unify the surface and avoid seams.  Does anyone have any other tips or suggestions?

Thank you.

Indeed I will!  These products are a great deal of fun, I feel like an alchemist.

I'm sorry I was trying to be funny (frequently I'm not successful).  I'm obsessed with generators and filters.  I'm up till past midnight trying to create the magic one that will be utterly amazing.

... and they texture for a day, give someone a generator and the texture for the rest of their life.  Just sayin'.

I did a work around with this by using the gradient generators, and I know the Gradient widget itself is not exposable, but what if you could create a 2, 3 or 4 color gradient filter, where you could use the widget to create the gradient, but the colors themselves were exposable?

Thank you,

My apologies, I just figured this out.  If I use an imported .obj file, with material zones, I can import "Color Map to Mesh" and under Baker Parameters I use "Polygroup/Submesh ID", "Hue Shift" and make sure under "Override Parameters common to All Bakers" that "Apply Diffusion=False" (unchecked). Then I get a nice ID map.

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