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I have a perpetual license for Substance Designer and Substance Painter.  When my maintenance agreements expire, will I need to buy a new perpetual license on steam?

If this exists feature exists please excuse this request (and point me in the right direction.)   It would be nice to be able to copy/past a single value to represent a color.  In this way I can record the colors I'm using and retrieve them to be used at a later date.  Now we have the HSV/RGB values, but the three values to copy/paste separately is a bit cumbersome.

Thank you.

While I can export textures files to the default directory that comes up in the "Export Textures" dialog without issue, if I navigate to a directory of my own choice I get an error upon export as shown in the log file.

If I leave the path on the C drive default, I have no problems, every thing is exported.

Is there something I'm not seeing?

I've created a very simple procedural mask with Substance Designer that I hope to use in Substance Painter.  I have a Blend node in the .sbs file and I would like to expose the Blending Mode choices.  I created a drop down list with the Blending Mode choices and exposed them and it works flawlessly in in the .sbs file.  But when I publish to an .sbsar file this particular input parameter is missing, all the others are there, just this one parameter is missing.

I don't quite know what my next steps should be.

Thank you,

Edge detect based on the curvature map is great, but an edge detect based on the edges of a UV island would prove useful in certain situations, for example, if you want to show gathering at a seam on fabric. Adding a paint mask effect works fine currently, but an edge detect for islands could be more flexible.

I'm working on a skin for a third party asset with standardized UVs (Daz3d Dragon).  The skin spans several UV maps.  Tri-Planar project goes a  long way to help unify the surface and avoid seams.  Does anyone have any other tips or suggestions?

Thank you.

... and they texture for a day, give someone a generator and the texture for the rest of their life.  Just sayin'.

I did a work around with this by using the gradient generators, and I know the Gradient widget itself is not exposable, but what if you could create a 2, 3 or 4 color gradient filter, where you could use the widget to create the gradient, but the colors themselves were exposable?

Thank you,

I use Blender, and I bake my maps for Substance Painter with Substance Designer because it's so easy.  I know Blender's material zones break up the mesh, which is sometimes desired, sometimes not.  What would be nice is if these zones could be baked into an ID map.  The user could then bake the material zones into an ID map with Designer to be used with Painter, then you could import the same mesh without material zones (merely leaving a box uncheck in Blender) which would give you different options with Substance Painter.

Thank you, your products are superb.

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