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I recently brought Substance Designer through Steam and Synced my licenses. But after doing so my Designer License was synced properly but I lost access to my Painter License which is valid till Jan 1,2021. Now it says that its valid till 2017 and is not allowing to use the latest version I have already installed. In the Software it shows the correct status as Maintenance Expired. I am able to access it on steam though. The standalone version is the problem.

I have been wanting to subscribe to Substance Suite mostly for Source. But the only reason I choose not to is the huge price gap between your perpetual licenses on steam vs the subscription price on your website. A steam license costs me around 25 $ per software for a year since I get a loyalty discount, even without it it’s still around 45$ for Painter/Designer vs 209$ for a yearly subscription on your website. This is only possible as steam supports purchases in my currency. So I was hoping that you would support more currencies in the future so that I can consider getting a Subscription.

I own Steam versions of SP and SD but I always get them converted to Standalone Versions which I Primarily Use. Given the removal of perpetual licenses via Substance will I still get Standalone versions if I get SD and SP 2021 via Steam.

I'm planning on getting a Blender Plugin which Requires SAT. But I don't have substance Installed on the PC where I plan to use the Plugin. The licensing for SAT is not clear to me and I'm not sure if that is allowed. I have a Substance Designer Indie License

The plugin in Question -

I bought Substance Indie Pack a few Years ago on Steam. I'm planning to get a maintenace for Designer. But when I looked it up on Substance it would cost me around 75 $ plus tax. Since Substance does not support my local currency I would prefer getting it on Steam where it would be cheaper for me.

I want to know buying the latest version on Steam i.e SD 2019 would act as a Maintenance or a completely different license ???
Furthermore, if I choose not to do that and go for a susbscription instead. Will all my perpetual licenses still remain valid if I cancel the subscription in the future ???

I was working on a Prop in SP. I wanted to make some modifications to the Model during the painting process. To preserve my work I created a Smart material. After making the necessary modifications to the mesh I started a new SP Project, imported my  Model and applied the smart materials I had created earlier. But the material did not apply correctly and all my brush strokes were off position

To clarify. I did not change or modify the materials and UV's of the existing mesh. I just added more details i.e extra parts and gave them new materials. Also I rotated the Model a bit before exporting it.

What can I do to fix this ?

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