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It would be nice if we could rotate the model itself, rather than having to re-import an edited mesh for views that are not receiving any light from the environment mapping.

Thanks!  ;D

This really needs to be a feature, since the tiny red text in the left hand corner doesn't stand out enough.

I've just lost 2 hours of work because I had thought I was saving, but in actuality, substance wasn't saving my project at all because the hard drive was full, but since the little red text is always there in some form or another, I never noticed it.

...I crashed because I clicked on the brushes tab and it locked up  ;D

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Too good to be true!
 on: December 05, 2019, 08:08:18 pm 
Usually, painting with 4k mode enabled seems to be a resource hog and often laggy (even with an 2080ti)

Today was different, I was getting great performance, I baked in 8k and was painting away without a care in the world. Made note to save my project multiple times as I was going along.

Restarted my computer because of a stupid razer mouse issue, come to load up my project and low and behold, my save file is about 50 saves old and all that work is gone!

Since re-installing Substance Painter, it is extremely slow and I can't even paint in Solo mode without it lagging very badly. My fraps displays 2-5 FPS in the viewport window.

It worked fine on my old setup of Windows 7, i7-3770k and a GTX970. Now I'm running an i7-4790k and two GTX970's in SLI. How can it be worse? I don't expect to get a performance increase with SLI in Substance as it's unlikely to support it, that's why upon turning it off, it made zero difference and I had the same lag.

Are the nvidia 355 drivers to blame and affecting Windows 7 also? I refuse to upgrade to the terrible Windows 8/10.

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