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I recently brought Substance Designer through Steam and Synced my licenses. But after doing so my Designer License was synced properly but I lost access to my Painter License which is valid till Jan 1,2021. Now it says that its valid till 2017 and is not allowing to use the latest version I have already installed. In the Software it shows the correct status as Maintenance Expired. I am able to access it on steam though. The standalone version is the problem.

I have been wanting to subscribe to Substance Suite mostly for Source. But the only reason I choose not to is the huge price gap between your perpetual licenses on steam vs the subscription price on your website. A steam license costs me around 25 $ per software for a year since I get a loyalty discount, even without it it’s still around 45$ for Painter/Designer vs 209$ for a yearly subscription on your website. This is only possible as steam supports purchases in my currency. So I was hoping that you would support more currencies in the future so that I can consider getting a Subscription.

I own Steam versions of SP and SD but I always get them converted to Standalone Versions which I Primarily Use. Given the removal of perpetual licenses via Substance will I still get Standalone versions if I get SD and SP 2021 via Steam.

I'm planning on getting a Blender Plugin which Requires SAT. But I don't have substance Installed on the PC where I plan to use the Plugin. The licensing for SAT is not clear to me and I'm not sure if that is allowed. I have a Substance Designer Indie License

The plugin in Question -

I bought Substance Indie Pack a few Years ago on Steam. I'm planning to get a maintenace for Designer. But when I looked it up on Substance it would cost me around 75 $ plus tax. Since Substance does not support my local currency I would prefer getting it on Steam where it would be cheaper for me.

I want to know buying the latest version on Steam i.e SD 2019 would act as a Maintenance or a completely different license ???
Furthermore, if I choose not to do that and go for a susbscription instead. Will all my perpetual licenses still remain valid if I cancel the subscription in the future ???

If you re-import a modified mesh you need to re-bake all the maps.

Thank You so much for clarifying this.

Manual paint strokes cannot be preserved when you change the mesh, there is no way to fix this. Make sure your model is final before you start texturing it using manual painting.

I'll Keep that in Mind.

Thanks Again for all the Help. Been stuck at this for a while now.

I generally only bake the Normal Maps. The rest I dont i.e World Space Normals, Curvature etc. So do I bake them all then ??? Before creating a smart material ??

I was working on a Prop in SP. I wanted to make some modifications to the Model during the painting process. To preserve my work I created a Smart material. After making the necessary modifications to the mesh I started a new SP Project, imported my  Model and applied the smart materials I had created earlier. But the material did not apply correctly and all my brush strokes were off position

To clarify. I did not change or modify the materials and UV's of the existing mesh. I just added more details i.e extra parts and gave them new materials. Also I rotated the Model a bit before exporting it.

What can I do to fix this ?

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