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As people know, some countries have decided to extend their lockdown from COVID-19, so a lot of users and many small Indie studios are having to make sacrifices to stay in business.

However, with many developers of creation suites now migrating exclusively to Subscription models, the cost of being able to keep using such software is getting progrssively more expensive, vs simply having a "pay-to-own" license. Adobe has since offered some adjustments to their services in light of COVID-19, but Substance has stayed out of the discussion thus far.

To support those unable to do Subscription as this time, therefore, would Substance consider raising the revenue-cap on all Indie licenses from 100K to 250K; providing users greater financial security, before they need to crossgrade to Pro licensing?

I've seen a lot of scenes imported from SketchUp Pro into Unreal and Unity, as it serves as a useful tool for Arch Viz or modular game design.

However, I noticed Substance only offers support for VRay for 3ds Max or Maya.  WrapR currently allows you to export to Subtance from SketchUp, but not the other way around if you are rendering through that application...

Please make full integration possible.

Though I don't have a lot of time, with coursework to finish, I thought I would give Substance Painter another try for the sake of this contest.  I'm having to learn the software from scratch, and my system is really not built for the newest version, so I cannot guarantee a good project.

However, I hope to post some screens later today.

Currently I own Painter Pro and Designer Pro 4, so are hoping to upgrade them to their newest versions before July 27th, as I wish to keep my Perpetual licenses.

I know you just announced a discount for Indie versions of your software but, as I am a Pro user, I was wondering if I can still get a discounted upgrade to the Pro Pack, since I own both applications.

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 on: November 01, 2015, 08:52:22 pm 
I have a graphics tablet but it doesn't have a screen, so instead I use my iPad for any kind of work that needs a stylus.  With a number of other companies like Autodesk putting apps on mobile devices, I was thinking (never a cheap idea for the studio)... what if Allegorithmic had an all-in-one solution for release on iOS/Android/Windows Phone?

To satisfy functionality, it should have an offshoot of B2M using a device's onboard camera, and then a hybrid interface of Designer and Painter where users can make some precise adjustments to settings as well as apply brushes using a stylus or their fingers.  There should also be the option to transfer them to their PC/Mac cousins, so they can have access to the full toolset and upload to Substance Share.

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