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texture set settings in iray box.
It should be set to 1k as the base, but once the final render has been decided, then there should be a way to set all the texture sets to one texture size, without manually having to do each set. I found out this too late. Thanks.

this is current.


yes, it could be your masks.

If you instanced  a layer which could be masked for another part ( part - q )  then copied it over to ( part - b) you need to create a new mask or erase the old mask.

hi, so I was looking over my renders and I was wondering why my textures looked jagged or and blurred . I assumed I just had to pick texture set and set it to 4k and then render with iray. Apparently this is not the case. Each texture set list has to be highlight  or clicked then manually set each list to 4k. I only did this for one part and had missed out on all the rest.

You will also notice, for those planning to do this in the future, ram usage will dramatically increase. So be careful before risking everything to 4k. This also depends on how many texture lists you have and render times will also double. if 1920x1080 took me 20min now it takes 40min. Using 40threads 2.5ghz Xeons.

I have added two more renders done at 4k, and the difference in detail and reflections is extensive.

If they add some options like below in the render section it would help immensly.

good job Zohaib,

looks like a rally car with those yellow wheels. Classic.

Turn off caustics.

But one must realise, that rendering is always hardware based.

The more cores or the latest GPU etc will assist you in faster rendering.

Maximedotremont - for him/her to render at that speed they must be using more then 40threads to render.

More renders.
Was fun and I learned a lot.
I am adding some edited images and some non. all down scaled for web viewing.

yes, this is exactly what was in the tutorial, which I did try.

okay I just figured it out. I think you have to add the alphablend then specify the particular object to have opacity. I think mine did not work as I decided to change it when the lights were done, which meant having to redo C car parts again . Dang.


So, because I don't have my graphics tablet so, I couldn't create this look using my hands... and substance designer is a great option I couldn't figure out how to create those sloppy hand gestures.....(maybe curves driven by position and AO maps) , the second option is to take the photo and draw them by hand ( but because i am not a professional car designer it hard for me to produce that result ... but its the best option so far)....... Let's see  how it goes

haha, yes, I though of this idea too, but you would need a tablet or even better a cintiq type of screen to draw. such sketches requires gestures and here the model will constrain the form. The grid should not be used though, it should all be about line form and marker type of shading.

yes, I like these cultural themes. they give us a break from the usual mechanical and futurism themed subjects.

your png might be too large to in 32bit. Save as JPG from Iray or convert to 16bit in your compositing program then save as . You will loser color depth though.

Those cop lights and the edge wear matt finish works well.

aww man,

how did you manage to get the rims invisible?.

I followed the tutorials to use opacity for the glass, but when it came to other objects, opacity never worked, really spoilt my idea for the back lights.
Refraction just ended up causing issues in the render.

anyways Good job.

Interesting entries so far.

This is my entry. I am posting some renders and some hyped ones too. I will post the required views later.

Problems that I had is not realising that from SP IRAY it saves as 32bit for Tiff format and to then covert to save for web which is a lower depth is causing me to lose colors.



Must be a solution to keep the same color range going from 32bit to 16bit.
Anyways I did some more testing with iray and here are few new renders. I better stop.
I down scaled them for faster loading.

Good luck all. 8)

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