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My Final_Version...


hey... thanks for the suggestion, i also think that grid is too much and unnecessary... but because of the time constraints I think I have to make my last Version as my final as it more colorful and resonate with the theme as well.... but thanks anyways and all the best to you :D

hahaaa..... AWESOME!!!! this community is soo creative!!!!

here is the psychedelic Painting version with some cyberpunk touch... btw I am really inspired by our truck art in india :D

hahaa... Cool idea... just add a video texture and u are all set ;)

hahaa.... i am doing the exact same thing.... but with indian Truck art style.... Cheers Neighbour!! lets show our traditional art to the world :D

OH Cool!! I was about to add that silver paper in the next pass..... thank you for letting me know now i have more images to my inspiration land :D


Thanks man! All the best to you too :D can't wait to see the final result!

hey, when are you going to be uploading your WIP??... can't wait to see your take on this theme :D

Now that I have my rough overall direction mapped out... I can focus on the details and refining them :D

this is my "from concept to creation" Material (a.k.a combined material) :-

please ignore the shading stuff... for now...

here is the clay_material version:-



so here is the "Concept Material" i went for more of a blueprint-rough-sketch kinda look which to me shows more personality then the clean lines.... although it needs more refinement, but its good enough for you guys to critique(please, be brutal) :D

haahaa.... maybe that is the beauty of living in this field.... it not about the idea, it's about the execution.... (you'll probably do a better job at executing this because I suck at drawing... xD)....anyways, all the best mate!!!

So, because I don't have my graphics tablet so, I couldn't create this look using my hands... and substance designer is a great option I couldn't figure out how to create those sloppy hand gestures.....(maybe curves driven by position and AO maps) , the second option is to take the photo and draw them by hand ( but because i am not a professional car designer it hard for me to produce that result ... but its the best option so far)....... Let's see  how it goes

The idea is to Create a material which shows a journey of a car from its initial "concept" to its final "creation",hence the name...

Here is the reference board for the first material "Concept":-

(source: allegorithmic post:

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