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It may take a few days before you are able to download assets; I had the same issue when I downloaded a student license.

It's unclear right now whether they intend to continue Indie Perpetual licenses after Nov 2021.  However, if they do, technically you don't have to purchase a new license every year - you could purchase a new license every 2 years, saving on costs whilst still having all the new features added from those two major releases down the line.

The only thing I'm worried about is the revenue cap; the difference in how much you can make selling materials on Indie vs Pro is drastically skewed.  Given current global circumstances, this could be increased to make it easier for users when they have to crossgrade over to Pro.

Subscription is different from maintenance.
Maintenance is an extension of 1 year of free updates for your perpetual license.
The Subscription is a separate license and doesn't allow you to still use the tools if your Subscription lapses.
The upgrade is basically the maintenance, It gives you 1 more year of updates.

Whenever I go to my account, it still lists the Pro upgrade/maintenance at $750, not the revised $490 on the FAQ.  I also only see the option to upgrade Painter Pro, but I have Designer Pro as well.

I think if you contact Substance directly, they can "deactivate" the license and move it to another PC.

Substance Alchemist is only available as part of the subscription.
Can you please explain why this is the case though? Why can it not be available to owners of the perpetual licences?

Substance Alchemist was originally created as a "competitor" to Quixel Mixer, which is now free for everyone (except for Megascans that still needs a subscription).

Now that this plugin is leaving Beta, it likely seems reasonable to them that you require a subscription to continue using it.

1) Steam licenses, effectively, are separate contracts from software you already own on Substance3D.

2) I believe perpetual licenses on Steam are just that; you have to buy another perpetual version whenever a new, major release is launched, though you will still receive minor updates for your current release.  And no, I don't think you get a discount.

Full details of the changes can be found on the FAQ page:,30855.0.html

As people know, some countries have decided to extend their lockdown from COVID-19, so a lot of users and many small Indie studios are having to make sacrifices to stay in business.

However, with many developers of creation suites now migrating exclusively to Subscription models, the cost of being able to keep using such software is getting progrssively more expensive, vs simply having a "pay-to-own" license. Adobe has since offered some adjustments to their services in light of COVID-19, but Substance has stayed out of the discussion thus far.

To support those unable to do Subscription as this time, therefore, would Substance consider raising the revenue-cap on all Indie licenses from 100K to 250K; providing users greater financial security, before they need to crossgrade to Pro licensing?

A Discord server for Substance is a great addition.  I look forward to seeing other users post their works there.

So how much, specifically, are perpetual licenses on Steam going to cost after October 2020?  Though the "maintenance" fee for new features is clear, the price of actual licenses wasn't discussed.

I would also like to know the status of Substance Source after the deadline.

I am hoping to afford an upgrade for at least one of the applications, and perhaps to get an advance from my employer on the other... maybe it will work, maybe it won't.

All I can afford in subscriptions nowadays is Adobe CC, so if everybody decides to go SaaS to satisfy businesses first, I can see a lot of general users flat out cancelling and using their older, pay-to-own releases.  We don't need this kind of hassle just to create stuff.

I've seen a lot of scenes imported from SketchUp Pro into Unreal and Unity, as it serves as a useful tool for Arch Viz or modular game design.

However, I noticed Substance only offers support for VRay for 3ds Max or Maya.  WrapR currently allows you to export to Subtance from SketchUp, but not the other way around if you are rendering through that application...

Please make full integration possible.

The recent blog post stated "perpertual Indie licenses" would remain after the transition - what about users like myself who have a Pro license, wishing to upgrade to the newest version?

Below are final renders in 3840x2160 resolution:

And here is an in-interface screenshot and additional content provided with the submission:

I just want to make sure this are the must 3 images?
And If I want to make small changes to the camera just to be more in the screen we can do that?

I think it is implied the third image is rendered with the camera from a custom orientation - this is likely to be your best candidate as well for your other question, such as "close-up" shots.

So these are a couple of test renders... sorry I don't have the rim substance - I never seem to receive all the cursory free downloads per month.

The only real problem I'm having is figuring out how to put sponsor logos on the car, and illuminating the car lamps:

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