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texture set settings in iray box.
It should be set to 1k as the base, but once the final render has been decided, then there should be a way to set all the texture sets to one texture size, without manually having to do each set. I found out this too late. Thanks.

this is current.


Interesting entries so far.

This is my entry. I am posting some renders and some hyped ones too. I will post the required views later.

Problems that I had is not realising that from SP IRAY it saves as 32bit for Tiff format and to then covert to save for web which is a lower depth is causing me to lose colors.



Must be a solution to keep the same color range going from 32bit to 16bit.
Anyways I did some more testing with iray and here are few new renders. I better stop.
I down scaled them for faster loading.

Good luck all. 8)

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