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We don't participate of course:) just wanted to share a quick doodle I co-created with Mikael Queric (UX Designer at Allegorithmic). Hope you like it :)

I have the chance to play with the internal builds of SP, and lately I have been pushing a bit more my tests, here are some images :)

Soon, 4K support in your hands guys :)

Unity 4.1 has just been released, and the big news (according to us at least ;) ) is that it now embeds by default Substance Engine for Mobile!

See what that means on the link below, but in short: B2M is in our humble opinion a NO BRAINER to every unity, 3D, mobile game developer willing to control the size of their games...

Let us know what you think!

And the link:

Hey guys,

We will post a few Substance Designer 3.5 sneak peeks here until we release it: this new iteration for the tool will be launched at GDC in San Francisco (March 27-29).

Here is a first one: the profiler, allowing to visualize directly in the graph the time spent by Substance Engine in each filter. This has been a heavily requested feature, here you go. Hope you like it!


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