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I read on another site some older information about redistributing MDL shaders that said it was difficult to make shaders that are not reliant upon Allegorithmic libraries, which would prevent one from being able to redistribute them. Of course, I'm not sure if any of that applies to the situation today, or even if it was true then. I'm trying to figure out what I'm able to do without breaking the licensing agreement with Allegorithmic.

If I go in and make an mdl shader for iray using a new material root, and I then connect to it nodes from the library in the lower left corner, like emission color, thick translucent, boolean whatever (I'm a novice here), am I then able to export that shader and sell it to others as part of a pack of shaders? Or is that a violation? What must I do to ensure I am compliant with the terms of the licensing agreement?

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