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Hi, my test model has 4 meshes with 2 materials. Two of the meshes are using material_a and the other two are using material_b but when I load that fbx into SP two extra texture sets are generated.
The model is exported from Ultimate Unwrap however when UU exports the model as .obj then SP sets the correct number of texture sets.
Am I doing something wrong, why is the .obj model working the way I want it to but not the .fbx?

The beta build works for me. I can load the older 2.2 project, bake textures and export textures without any problems.
New projects work as well.
I have a AMD HD 7700.

I'm also having crashes with SP 2.3 when loading an old project from SP 2.2.
'Video driver stopped working'
I also tried changing the TdrDelay to 60 but it just makes the crash last longer.

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