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I never really understood the workflow for this.
I have my model with some paint and materials on it.
Now I am getting a new model that is exactly the same, even same uvs but in different position.

How do I load this in correctly ? I am loading it via the Project Configuration Dialog. I tick off 'Preserve Paint Stroke' because I don't want painter to reproject. I literally just want it to keep what it already has and apply to the the model without reprocessing (since the uvs match). How do I do that ?


The default Painter Smart Masks should be upgraded with the new Micro Detail settings in the Generators.

Currently SP does not allow for

1) non square stencils/ alphas -- they will get squashed into a square
2) non - uniformly scaling a stencil

I find this often bothersome, especially the lack of non unform scaling.
I seem to remember early last year some discussion about that. Hope it is still on the radar

I work at a Animation and VFX Studio.
As is the case here Artists will work on both Animation as well as VFX Projects.
VFX Projects require other materials/smart materials than a stylized Animation Project.

So let's say we have a VFX Shared SHelf and an Animation Shared Shelf.
In addition we have project specific Shelfs.

When I drag resources into Painter or download from Source I can only import into Project or the CURRENT default Shelf.
I would like the option to choose which of my loaded shelfs to import into.

As a bit of an addendum I would like the option to always have all shelfs loaded in the preferences, hower have a simple way to tick off displaying of shelf content from a certain storage location in the shelf palette (let's say I don't wan't to see the stuff from Project C, D and E .. only from Project A as well as from the common 'Animation Shelf'.)


Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: Wrap or Tile mode
 on: January 08, 2018, 10:37:28 pm 
Going to revive that topic.
I was trying today to use a 'tilable plane' (plane unwrapped in a way that it will tile when painting) inside of painter,

Sadly painter refused to import because the edges are touching borders of UV Tiles and painter thinks that you have faces spanning across multiple uv tiles.

I really wish Painter would either allow import still or use its power that it already has (knowing where an edge stops) to allow me to paint 'seamlessly'.

I think it would be quite powerful together with Painters Material Painting to be able to paint a tileable texture, then use it immediately inside painter again as a fill layer.

If you don't want to use an IOR Map you will have to use a layered Shader (TWO vray shaders) and use the metallic map to blend between them.

In terms of conversion if you want to do it in Mari:
But again unless you use a layered shader you HAVE to use an IOR Map

Hey Boran.
I don't see any way around using IOR Maps if you are outputting to a single shader. You need high IOR Values in order to simulate Metal reflectance.
If you are using a layered Shader where one shader is set to an IOR of 1.4/5 and another one with a high IOR in that case you could use your Metal Mask from Painter to do the blending. But I fail to see how a layered Shader is more performance friendly than an additional IOR Map on a single shader (since the diffuse and spec lobes would be computed twice)

If you have Mari Extension Pack there are some Nodes that can help you convert things.
There is the PBR MetalRoughToSpecGlossiness Node for example which will be able to convert your maps.
There are also some adjustment layers that can be used for a more manual approach
(such as using  'Reflectance to IOR' and 'Specular Level to IOR' and then merging things with your metalness mask)


Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: Autosave
 on: April 28, 2017, 12:04:02 pm 
Come on guys. I loose an average of 0.5 hours - 1 hour a day due to crashes.
You are all about productivity and that is A LOT of lost productivity.

Technical reasons for lack of Autosave ? I am sorry but please overcome them. It's solved in every other tool so I am sure your engineers are up to the task.

I have these issues all the time unfortunately

- It happens only on paint layers but not on masks or fill layers
- Sometimes just reopening the project makes the artifacts on the paint layer go away but when you do the next brush stroke after they are back

Some observations:
We are all on the same machines except GPU.
Artists with 970GTX have the issue, artists with 780GTX don't.
We are all on the same Drivers 352.63 on Linux CentOS 7.12

I usually have Maya and Chrome running as well, sometimes Nuke as well. I haven't tested without Chrome but it definitely is not related to either Maya or Nuke.

Same here on CentOS 7.13 and 7.14

We have been seeing broken Roughness on old projects. Not newly created 2.5 projects though.
The issue in older projects is that the roughness maps (both in sp and exported) are pure white and do not seem to evaluate any layer that should be affecting roughness.

Again, this is exclusively happening in old projects that were created pre 2.5. So our workaround was so far simple -- stay in 2.4.

Sorry. That should have gone to the painter forum. Rookie mistake.

I am a Mari Person originally and for all its flaws its paintthrough/stencil system is very good.
There are a lot of things I am missing in substance in that regards:

  • Ability to load non-square alphas / not have your alphas squashed to a square
  • ability to non-uniformly stretch/squash your stencil in the viewport
  • ability to quickly invert the alpha (paint with luminance or inverted luminance)t
  • ability to level a stencil non-destructively and temporarily

The ability to invert the used alpha is especially important in my opinion. Not just for stenciling but also for brushtips.
Ideally we should be able to also on import into a shelf be able to invert a map. Alternatively via a right-click on the alpha in the shelf.

I have a map loaded as an alpha to use as a brushtip.
The PNG Map (find attached) has an alpha channel/transparency.
When loaded as a brushtip the shape of the Alpha as mousecursor looks correct.
However when painting with it, Painter paints down information that - while present in the image - should be 'clipped' by its alpha/transparency.

Is this a bug ?


we use the following naming convention


When I import files into the shelf of painter unfortunately painter will always only import the first file.
It does not seem to recognize that BUMP.1001.tif and BUMP.1002.tif are two different files but only compares the filenames to the first dot.
Is there a workaround ?
Currently I always have to rename things to bring them into painter ..

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