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I routinely tag my UDIMs with descriptions to be able to mor easily manage my exports. However it is an absolute pain that I cannot see that description inside the Exporter Window

I would like if Substance painter would get a terminal mode to export textures.
Export Times are huge and it stops our artists in their tracks for a long time.

For Mari we already have a system in place to export and bake textures on the farm (by utilizing Mari's Terminal Mode).
I would like the same for Substance painter, especially with full udim support coming down the pipe.

Because as it stands while we gain time using Substance Painter to produce, we loose all that time double exporting …

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: 2019.1 ROCKS!
 on: April 25, 2019, 03:05:35 pm 
Indeed. The added Filters alone would have made me happy for a release. Really top notch work.

How would you specify though int he graph that something is a sequence ?
In player in the Input node you cannot even select a sequence of specify a framerange etc.
From what I understood (which is different from what you said) I would have to create x- amount of inputs in my graph and manually insert each frame in player into each input.
So if I had 100 frames I would have to create 100 inputs :-[

Sorry to be hijacking the thread. I have exactly the same issue. I am trying to use a substance to 'post process' renderings for a certain look.
So is there really no other way than to manually specify input frames ? Can I automate this ?
We are investigating if we can use substance for a painterly look as a post processer, so we are talking a lot of minutes of animation here :(

Currently Substance Painter loads a whole catgegory first -- including all files from all shelfs.
Meanign that for example the Alphas from all Shelfs need to be loaded first before we see materials etc.
Sometimes it takes 10 minute sbefore I even see the first filter appear.
If you have multiple shelfs I would request:

1) Always load the allegorithmic shelf first. Load all its categories.
2) Then load the next shelf (again all its categories)
3) etc.

this way shelfs could be added in order of importance.

One thing I frequently miss coming from a Mari Background is the ability to 'project' paint through an object .. meaning that the paint is applied in screenspace in the viewport and shoots all the way through the object to the backside and even over the sides.

Especially for mask painting this can be very useful (think having a cylindrical shape with ill equipped UVing where you need to apply a line wrapping all around).

Symmetry doesn't always do what I need it to do (especially since you can't have more than one symmetry axis), so wondering if an additional alignment option for brushstrokes could be added.

Re-activating this topic.
Our shelves tend to be huge (thousands of items). Since this was causing a huge load up time for Painter we tried to separate shelfs out but quickly hit the issue listed in this thread again. That import only works into the 'Default' Shelf.

Now I get that certain Shelfs need to be protected. But I question if there isn't a smarter way to do this by simply introducing environment variables.

You could by default unlock everything and in a studio environment via an Env Var certain shelfs could be locked.
Or the other way around if it really is that big of a deal.

On the other hand I question the whole presumption of this being necessary since any studio that is serious about this will directly apply permissions to the folder anyway so only certain people can write, while everyone can read.

I know our Project Shelfs are too big which is why it takes so ages to load everything in but wondering if there isn't an optimization that hasn't bee touched yet.
At the moment Substance seems to load things sequentially .. it starts in the Alpha folder, then moves through all other folders.
But wouldn't it make sense that if I click on the Smart Material Folder that it first scans the Smart Materials in all the available shelfs ? This way people could work while Painter keeps on populating things.


The way painter's painting engine currently works is that a brushstroke always needs to start inside a uv island to register.
(center of the brushtip needs to be fully inside paintable area).

If for example you want to 'stroke' along the edge of a uv island you can't use a round brushtip and eyeball stroke the edge since often times the centre of the brushtip will move outside of the uv shell and painter stops registering the brush stroke.

I would really like if this behavior was revisited so I can start my paint stroke at any place when in the uv view. As long as parts of the brush tip touch a uv shel that part should apply paint.

I woudl like a Hotkey Assignement and/or button to disable / enable a Stencil on a Brush. I don't always want to delete it and then reactivate it, I just want to toggle it off and of during painting

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Non-Square Alphas
 on: June 03, 2018, 08:44:38 pm 
Is there any ETA on updating Painter to support non-square Alphas as brush alphas and stencils ? I remember 2 years back Wes said in a video that it was coming. It is such a pain to import alphas (that are neatly cropped only to find painter violating it back into a square.

I am not all that happy with the Exporter. It is good but has some critical things missing for production exporting imho.

1) Ability to toggle off Channels for export. Sometimes I KNOW i just changed the Difuse. Now I either have to make a duplication of my preset with just the diffuse or waste time exporting everything again using the full preset. I should just be able to select which channels to export with the current preset

2) $project variable is not that great because it is tied to the filename. So you end up with MyProject_v003_final in the file name :) I think there should be a new variable $project_description added, with the project description being a field directly in the main exporter window (decoupled from presets).

3) I should be able to change export resolutions for multiple texturesets at once

4) there should be an additional export mode 'only modified'. Why can't Substance mark Texturesets and channels as 'Exported' and once a change is made in the layerstack mark it as 'dirty', so the exporter knows that that Textureset needs to be exported while another one doesn't ?

5) Why does the Exporter insist on resetting to default values (preset, file format) on every project ? Surely that can be saved in some ini file 'last used'.

6) Coudln't you by default populate the export path with the source location of the geometry or something ? At least this way we would already be SOMEWHERE on the server. We have quite complex, nested dir structures. Less browsing if I am already at least in the models dir of the asset I am working on

7) Speaking of browsing. This is not limited to just the exporter but also to any file dialog in painter. Please unlock the Top Path Bar and make it editable, so we can just past a path to a directory in there. Think Windows Explorer Path bar, which is also editable. Again .. massively complex server side directory structures that take some time to navigate.

Edit: Sorry, wrong forum :( Could it be moved to Substance Painter Feature Requests

I would like to suggest not 'correcting' the Hue Slider in the Color Picker.
Currently when adjusting Saturation and Value in the slider the Saturation and Value of the Hue Slider changes as well.

Since the slider is barely two pixels wide you cannot see your hues anymore :(

As the title says, I have a recurring issue that the advanced Triplanar goes Transparent at 4k Texture Set Res. Any resolution below that works fine.
This is in Painter 2018.1

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